June 4, 2006

I try and remember to jot down some notes at the end of each month on what Riley’s doing (as if I don’t obsessively document every moment of his life as it is, right?), if you’re interested, here’s what I wrote for May:

Nine months! It’s hard to believe, but the calendar says it’s so.

During this ninth (!) month, Riley finally has the sitting-unsupported thing nailed. Well, except for when he inexplicably flings himself backwards. For that reason, we usually still stick a boppy pillow behind him to catch his fall.

He is insatiably curious and when we hand him an object he hasn’t seen before, he raises his arms and shakes all over with delight. Then he turns it over and over in his hands, whispering “Teh. Teh.”

He makes this sound when he’s sleepy, it tends to precede a nap by a half hour or so: “EEHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Sometimes he changes it slightly: “AAHHHHHHHH.” It sounds like a creaky door, sloooowly opening.

He says “dadadadadada” a lot, and “gagagagaga”. And “dorduhdeedorduh”. And “BMMMMMMTHHPLLT” (drool-loaded raspberry).

Riley loves it when we hold his hands and help him ‘walk’. His favorite foods are strained bananas (still!) and “Yobaby” yogurt. He eats about 4-5 jars of food a day. He has millions of toys, but his favorites are probably the Dora the Explorer book a daycare classmate’s parents gave him (he likes to wave it around and pound on it), the fish-on-a-stick thingie that once was attached to an activity gym, a plastic measuring cup, and anything random on its way to the trash (empty CoffeeMate bottle, Lean Cuisine box, etc). He isn’t crawling, but can move a surprising distance on the floor by rolling. He started out the month by doing something we called Chicken Peck Hand: pointing at things with his thumb and middle finger clasped and ‘pecking’ them; now he uses a pointed index finger. He loves to watch his Baby Einstein video while sprawled on his back and idly moving a toy around nearby. He is very interested in the dog and the cat, much to their dismay. He is fascinated with my hair and often trails his fingers through it with surprising gentleness.

He has three teeth: two below, and one (left) on top.

He does not like the vacuum cleaner.

Lately we’ve been bringing him in our bed in the morning after he’s eaten and taken a short nap, and it’s the happiest time imaginable: playing with him and making him laugh, watching him watching us.

At his nine-month appointment, he weighed 18.5 lb and was 29.25″ tall. He wears “Cruisers” stage 3 diapers. I put him in the seat of the grocery cart – rather than propping his carseat in there – for the first time today. He was fine. I should have done that a while ago, I suppose.

I wish I could remember every single thing he does and write it all with a magical pen that brings back noise and smell and touch so I never have to leave this month behind, like all the other months, kissed goodbye and laid to rest. It’s such delicious sorrow to always be moving on, always be moving forward through the days with Riley, for as much as we enjoy every new moment and every new stage, it breaks my heart over and over to know that at the end of this day, it’s gone, and we won’t have it back again. Even though tomorrow brings its own joy. Even though everything just keeps getting sweeter.




24 Responses to “As long on the outside as he was on the inside”

  1. Shannon on June 4th, 2006 6:37 pm

    He is just lovely, Sundry!

  2. sundry on June 4th, 2006 6:37 pm

    Um, now that I’ve posted this and I look at the last photo? I just have to sincerely apologize for the frightening *roots* situation. Heesh. I swear I am making an appointment tomorrow.

  3. Beth on June 4th, 2006 6:59 pm

    Hi, I love your baby. Can I have him? Please?

  4. Kelly on June 4th, 2006 7:24 pm

    Does Riley love riding in the shopping cart? Johnny thinks it is the coolest. He can touch the germy, disgusting sides and chew on the handle when I’m not looking. Gross but awesome, I guess.

    He’s so gorgeous.

  5. sundry on June 4th, 2006 7:39 pm

    Beth: only if I can take your pudgums mccutiepants and spread her on toast and devour her without napkins. OH IS THAT SO WRONG.

    Kelly: he was pretty happy in there, but he didn’t have much of a chance to gnaw the handle because I strapped him maybe a little too nervously tight in the belt deal (exposing a giant swath of pokeable belly, so yay!). I noticed our grocery store has a container of these sanitary wipe thingies just for baby-degerming by the front door, but it’s always empty. WTF, QFC?

  6. Jenn on June 4th, 2006 9:29 pm

    Ohhhh, he is gorgeous! I loved your last paragraph… that’s so true, my son’s 22 months old and I’m already forgetting how he was when he was really little.

    ps… I so miss Carter’s Doggone Cute stuff!

  7. Pete on June 4th, 2006 9:41 pm

    Nice Post.

  8. Jo on June 5th, 2006 3:08 am

    To hell with the roots – look at that little tongue sticking out! He’s just adorable.

  9. Jem on June 5th, 2006 5:47 am

    I used to think I didn’t want any kids, but now I want 235987235987325 million.

  10. aoife on June 5th, 2006 5:59 am

    good luck with the grocery cart…. get something so he doesn’t try to eat that nasty, germ laden, grossed me out so much for so long cart. I couldn’t find one of those cart liners two years ago that all the kiddos seem to have now… Riley’s gorgeous. :)

  11. Emily on June 5th, 2006 6:29 am

    Better watch out, pretty soon he’ll be hoisting those boppy pillows above his head and hurling them at you, Highlander-style.

    Sorry, I was just having flashbacks … from having worked in a daycare before joining the Army.

  12. omuchacha on June 5th, 2006 6:32 am

    Am I the only one who figures if gumming a grocery cart was okay for me, it probably won’t kill my child either?

    But the real reason for my comment: The first photo of Riley, Oh my gosh. He looks like a little boy! Not a baby! A real little boy!

    Squeeze him tight while you still can.

  13. Caitlin on June 5th, 2006 7:40 am

    Snuggly redhaired bunny child! CHOMPCHOMCHOMP…

  14. Gentry on June 5th, 2006 8:37 am

    But seriously, who *does* like a vacuum cleaner?

  15. Susie on June 5th, 2006 11:07 am

    Baby J is ten months tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast it’s all gone by. Everytime I have to put away an outfit that he has outgrown, I could cry. I remember when I first put him in it, and it was still too big. *waaaaaahhhhh*

  16. Jessie on June 5th, 2006 11:45 am

    It’s amazing how much they accomplish each month, isn’t it?

  17. jonniker on June 5th, 2006 12:09 pm

    You could not have known how much I needed to read this. I’m not a mother (yet), but, as is my nature, I am too lured and terrified by the dark underbelly of life milestones, such as marriage* and parenthood, and it leaves me paralyzed. I love what the Mommyblog has done for mothers everywhere – given a venue and a voice to silent fears, dislikes, agonies and real-life woes of being a parent. Sometimes, though, the simple joys are lost – the moments that make it all worthwhile, the happiness that covers every moment like a shield, and it all seems so dark and lonely.

    I have a post half-written about this, because I’m afraid I’ve come to see parenthood as only an ending, instead of a beginning, and the thought of being pregnant sends me into a fit of terrified convulsions.

    I feel just a little bit differently now, after reading this, and it’s made a huge difference.

    *I’m married now, but before? Before I was married? Eek, I saw it as a prison. It’s not. I mean, duh.

  18. Jessamyn on June 5th, 2006 12:27 pm

    “It’s such delicious sorrow to always be moving on, always be moving forward through the days with Riley, for as much as we enjoy every new moment and every new stage, it breaks my heart over and over to know that at the end of this day, it’s gone, and we won’t have it back again. Even though tomorrow brings its own joy. Even though everything just keeps getting sweeter.”

    You take that part right there and substitute the name “Katie” for “Riley,” and I that is exactly how I feel, too. Every stage is better than the one before, and yet I still grieve for the end of each of them. You’re a lovely writer, mother, person.

  19. Ang on June 5th, 2006 1:13 pm

    He’s just so dang cute! And what a good momma to keep a little list of his milestones each month. I did that for my boys until I went to work, and then that all went out the window.

  20. Cris on June 5th, 2006 3:30 pm

    Beautifully written. Fun to hear about his whisperings of discovery and being so gentle with Mama’s hair. What a sweet, sweet boy.

  21. Maki on June 5th, 2006 6:28 pm

    That’s funny, that’s what we called it too. Creaky door. My daughter did that sound too. It’s so amazing how babies can be so different from one another yet have so many similar ways. He’s way cute.

  22. justmouse on June 6th, 2006 7:57 am

    that last paragraph exactly puts into words my own feelings, each and every day.

  23. Shannon in NY on June 6th, 2006 9:23 am

    “I used to think I didn’t want any kids, but now I want 235987235987325 million”

    Jem- wait until Sundry writes about Riley when he is 17!! then we’ll see how many you want. ;)

    Seriously though, Sundry. Love your writing. My baby boy *is* 17 now and sometimes I need to be reminded of what it was like back then. When all I ever wanted to do is kiss him and snuggle him until I could could damn near explode from love! Not so much with the cuddly feelings nowadays. Wah, I miss my baby! :)

  24. Mel on June 7th, 2006 8:03 am

    Your son weighs less than Ian, but is longer. No wonder my kid is so chubby. *grin* It’s so fun to read your posts with our sons being a day apart in age. It’s nifty! And the last paragraph you wrote is so true, too.

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