July 23, 2007

In no particular order, here are some reasons I’ve been using lately for avoiding working out:

• The contractors are here every morning, and I’d rather be set on fire than do Turbo Jam with them just a few feet away
• Riley’s bedtime is later than it used to be, mowing over that critical time period between getting home from work and eating dinner that used to be perfect for jogging
• I’m tired a lot of the time, see also: nauseated/hungry/headachy
• During Riley’s afternoon naps, instead of popping in a DVD and lacing up my gym shoes, I’ve been crawling into bed and passing out
• It’s been freakishly hot and/or muggy/raining for the last three goddamned weeks in a row

Excuses, excuses. The real truth of it, I suppose, is that I’m gaining weight and it’s discouraging. I’ve discovered when the vanity element is removed from exercise—ie, I’m not going to see “results” between now and next spring no matter what I do—it’s embarrassingly difficult to focus on the health aspect, which is more important anyway. I know there are plenty of good reasons to keep exercising during this pregnancy, but it’s so much harder to stay in the groove when I know my body is only going to get larger over the next several months.

I realize that sounds petty as hell, and yet without the positive reinforcement of seeing my waistline shrink as the result of working out, boy, I am really struggling with motivation.

At the same time, I am also trying to give myself a break. I don’t want to beat myself up for not pursuing some idealistic low-weight-gain pregnancy where only my belly gets adorably round and afterwards I magically turn into Brooke Burke (which, have you seen her 4-months-postpartum beach bikini photos, what the blue fuck, is she even human?) because who am I kidding. I don’t want to stress over every pound gained, every new rounded curve. I want to be happy with my growing body, not fighting it every step of the way.

The diet-concious, workout-minded person I made myself into just a few short months before getting pregnant looks in the mirror right now and feels dismay, because it’s nearly impossible not to view any weight gain as bad. The level-headed part of me that knows pregnancy inevitably, naturally brings change looks in the mirror and sees visible proof that I’m having a baby, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing to see.

So I’m trying to carve out some new fitness goals and I’m trying to be okay with the fact that they’re different from the goals I had a few months ago. I’m most interested in keeping up with the yoga, toning work, and a lighter form of cardio—some Turbo Jam, some walking—and, god help me, I bought a Denise Austin “Fit Pregnancy” workout DVD (in which everyone wears leotards).

I am also trying not to eat an entire pint of ice cream every day. But I’ve green-lighted Peanut Butter Captain Crunch eaten in dry handfuls while watching John From Cincinnati, massive amounts of cantaloupe, and bacon chocolate.


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  1. hello insomnia on July 23rd, 2007 12:53 pm

    How do you like John From Cincinnati? It just looks too scattered for me to watch. I do like Big Love, which is probably what’s keeping me from cancelling the HBO subscription.

  2. Cassie on July 23rd, 2007 12:57 pm

    I was told a long time ago not to compare myself to celebs. Their job is to look pretty and that is basically it. They spend their days in the gym reforming their body because that is how they make their money while the rest of the population has real j-o-b-s. Don’t feel bad if you don’t look like BB 4 months after you have your child. Remember you don’t have a personal trainer and nanny to help you. You have real responsibilities unlike celebs who pay people to take care of their responsibilities.

  3. Pete on July 23rd, 2007 12:58 pm

    I had started a long reply about the futility of time management within an unpredictable environment (construction, weather, toddler, pregnant, life), but decided against it. About the only words, or word, of wisdom I might have is moderation. That and Captain Crunch will tear up the roof of your mouth.

  4. deanna on July 23rd, 2007 12:58 pm

    never having been pregnant, i cant quite say “i hear ya, sistah” but having worked as an RN in maternal-child health and also as a fitness instructor, i can say “ive heard it, sistah!” a lot of the moms ive worked with, both in the gym and in my nursing practice, have felt really good about doing pilates and yoga throughout their pregnancies. [of course, make sure to check with your doctor before starting any of these programs on your own!] prior to getting too far along in their pregnancies, a lot of moms i worked with LOVED pilates as it focuses on a lot of muscles using during birthing and strengthening those muscles helped them with back pain and discomfort later in their pregnancies. of course, lying on your back is neither comfortable nor recommended when youre further along, however there are some modifications that can be made. also, thats when you can start doing more yoga, which is great for stretching and relaxation and breathing and working on those muscles. also, its not nearly as “lay on your back, now lay on your stomach” focused. these are all low impact, and are also great for after the baby as well. youd be surprised how much cardio benefit both could be, and as theyre not so HIGH energy, its easier to do them before going to bed.

    i used to work with a woman at my gym who taught spinning and all sorts of crazy cardio up until the WEEK before her baby was born. as long as your doctor says its ok, it can be done. [i must admit, shes kinda my idol!]

    dont get discouraged. you can do it!

  5. Jennifer on July 23rd, 2007 1:04 pm

    Awww, cut yourself some slack. Hey, you whipped yourself into shape in a 3-month period this year, you can do it again next-year post-baby. So take a little 9-month hiatus, try to do a little walking and yoga, eat the Sundry kick-your-ass salads (along with the cookies and ice cream), and enjoy your pregnancy. Afterward, you’ll be the poster-girl for taking it back off and Turbo-Jamming in your newly remodeled house!

  6. jonniker on July 23rd, 2007 1:15 pm

    You can actually watch John from Cincinnati? We try, oh we try, but NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Why? Why John? WHY BUTCHIE?

    Also, dude, you can totally work out and stay healthy, and while yes, you will gain weight and all that, the good thing is that I have to believe that all the working out you’re doing will benefit your body LATER. As in, losing the weight once baborama is outta there will be easier, because you’ll already be semi-toned.

    Fleh. I don’t know. Talk to me when I’m pregnant and all I want to do is eat Raisinets. I’ll shut up now.

  7. Sarah on July 23rd, 2007 1:18 pm

    I feel ya, honey. It was the exhaustion that killed me (and I don’t even have a toddler to keep up with.. THAT’S exercise), and my diet and good intentions went down the tubes.

    Shiva Rae’s Prenatal Yoga has been a godsend to me. They have poses for each trimester, and you can do the whole work out (about 45 min) or just pieces of it. It all focuses on breathing and stretching and toning. I picked it up after I tried to Turbo Jam and passed out. :)

  8. biscuit on July 23rd, 2007 1:20 pm

    Growing a baby is a lot of work for a body… you know that so stop being so damn mean to yourself!

    Try swimming in an indoor pool, it works all your muscles without feeling nasty sweaty stanky. I like to walk my dog @ night, I live in Texas + it is scorchin’!, for my prenatal fitness… I think Dog would like that too. :)

  9. JMH on July 23rd, 2007 1:24 pm

    I used the Denise Austin video when I was pregnant with baby #1. If you can stand her voice (think nails on chalkboard) the video really did help especially with toning muscles that you will use when you give birth. Just mute it or wear your ipod when you are working out. And enjoy the Captain Crunch…guilt free..while you can :)

  10. josh on July 23rd, 2007 2:24 pm

    First off, don’t sweat the weight gain. As long as you don’t transmogrify into a lagoon creature that scares the crap out of JB, it’s all good.

    Second, I was just telling my family the other day that I thought they should try and combine bacon and chocolate. They of course have no culinary vision like myself. (ie munchies and cotton mouth) They thought I was being an idiot and the idea was horrible. Well IN YOUR FACE LOSERS! The industy professionals at Mo’s Chocolate Candy Bar Compaany don’t think it was a stupid idea. And they’re charging seven friggin bucks a box for those cardiac arrest kits. Never underestimate the power of the classic salty sweet combo.

  11. kristin on July 23rd, 2007 2:34 pm

    your goal of maintaining a fitness schedule of yoga, toning, and light cardio is totally realistic and will make this pregancy more enjoyable…you’ll have more energy through out…and when it’s over your body truly will have th ability to “bounce back”

  12. breckgirl on July 23rd, 2007 3:22 pm

    WAIT – I saw this thing on the Travel Channel the other night and they guy went to a place called “Voodoo Donut” in Portland, OR and they had – OMG!!!! – Bacon Maple Bars. Big old maple bars with strips of crispy bacon buried in the frosting. I am not even pregnant and that sounded fantastic! During my pregnancy, I ate the “Elvis” sandwich – grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon. Don’t laugh – it was f*cking awesome.

    Oh Linda – don’t stress out. I know you’re thinking about how happy you were with your new size six pants and your cool arms (they really are fab) but that stuff will be there when you’re done. You’ll just have to dig it out again – and hey – you can just go back to your “Three Months” post and see how to do it! All joking aside – take it easy. Keep exercising, but do walks, some DVD’s but overall – be gentle. I was already 40 pounds overweight when I GOT pregnant so you can imagine that I did not want to gain a bunch more. I rode an exercise bike (recumbent, man…for sure) about 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week and I really believe that it kept me from gaining a ton. I had to stop after about 6.5 months (and delivered only 1.5 months later) but even that modest exercise impacted my overall health.

    I weighed 220 when I delivered (can you say ORCA?) and am now sitting around at 165, wanting to be 135, but also wanting another baby – soon! I am going to try your “three months” thing so I can lost at least 20, get knocked up and then lament with you. AND have a reason to eat those Elvis sandwiches again. If you get to Portland, PLEASE go to the Voodoo Donut and have one for me!!!!

  13. mrsgryphon on July 23rd, 2007 3:44 pm

    um, so, I sent you an email this morning and then I saw this post and I thought “she’s going to think I’m crazy!”… but I’m not! God, I remember the first trimester exhaustion. I know there were many, many times when I closed my eyes ‘just for a second’ at work and woke up when the phone rang or my email ‘ping’d! I think you’ve done an amazing thing, getting to the point you have in your fitness plan, and whatever you can do during pregnancy is better than nothing at all! Even if that’s just walking to the corner store to get the ice cream instead of driving there :)

  14. Deanna on July 23rd, 2007 4:04 pm

    As someone who delivered 7 weeks ago, eat what you want, sleep when you want. Your body is doing amazing things right now. I started off plus size, lost some, gained some. Last week at my checkup I was 17 pounds UNDER what I weighed in at the first pregnancy visit. yay!!

    There will come that burst of energy and you can work out when that hits ya. For now ice cream and naps are your friends.

    And there was a time where I was putting down a pint of Hageen Daaz a night. Hey- they were on sale for 2 bucks a pint and Mayan Chocolate and Cinamon Dulce de Leche are my downfalls. It’s calcium!

    RE: the chocolate covered bacon. I have recently discovered bacon cooked in teh oven with brown sugar on top (use a deep pan so the sugar juices don’t drain away and the bacon cooks in it’s own fat). I am limiting myself to having this only on weekends. But it is YUMMO!!

  15. Katie on July 23rd, 2007 4:28 pm

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:
    Pregnancy=The only time in your life you are ENCOURAGED to indulge.

    Therefore: do it. Indulge. Totally cut yourself some slack– cut yourself FREE while you’re at it. Eat up. Enjoy it. Nothing ever tastes as good as it does while pregnant!

  16. Leah on July 23rd, 2007 4:40 pm

    I have to say, Linda, that while your waistline certainly shrunk in the wake of the great TurboJam revolution, your arms, your legs, even your face looked more toned, tight, and healthy. Weight gain is weight gain, sure, but I think we’ve all seen the difference between fit pregnancies and big ol’ sloppy ones. Don’t deny yourself the bacon chocolate, for god’s sake, but maybe try not to fall into the trap of “if I can’t do it 100 percent, why should I even try?”

  17. ShannonJ on July 23rd, 2007 4:43 pm

    I was in almost the same situation as you. I had an 18-month old, when I started eating healthily, got in great shape and lost a lot of weight. Thought I would *never* go back to my crap-food-eating ways. Then I got pregnant again. Almost immediately I was back to eating doughnuts, fast food, bags of Jelly Bellies, thirty fun-size Butterfingers in a row (“fun” is right!). Not every day, but pretty often. And I pretty much stopped exercising at about 5 months. When my second baby was about 6-7 months old, I hit my healthy stride again and lost even more weight and got in better shape than I was before. I am in sizes I have never worn in my adult life. EOSP. (End of Self-Praise).

    So what I”m trying to say in my long-winded fashion is that there aren’t very many times in life when you’ll be able to enjoy lots of junk food guilt-free, so enjoy it! You’ll get back in shape when you’re chasing a couple of toddlers around.

  18. Joanne on July 23rd, 2007 4:51 pm

    I wish I had lost more weight when I was pregnant but I didn’t, there’s nothing I can do about it now except, like you say, to avoid the ice cream now. Some days I don’t do so well at that, and I hardly ever work out anymore. I worked out every day the last time I was pregnant, practically, and had a pretty good recovery from my emergency c-section. I’m worried now that I’m so freaking tired I just can’t work out like I used to (or hardly at all), but I just started my second trimester and I’m hoping the tiredness will start to ease and I can at least go for a walk every day. We just got back for a walk and my freaking fingers are so swollen I can barely move them and I’m not even four months yet! I dread the rest of the pregnancy, but at least it will be winter this time when I deliver. You know how good it will make you feel to get back in shape after you have the baby, you can worry about it then. And who knows, maybe those contractors will get out and you’ll be in your second trimester and full of energy and Riley will start to go to bed earlier and you’ll be back Turbo Jamming away. Maybe. :)

  19. Swistle on July 23rd, 2007 6:25 pm

    I’m totally with you: I can be GLAD that I’m doing things that benefit my health, but what I actually want is for my body to look better. It’s exciting to be losing weight and seeing differences. Doing the same work to “maintain,” or doing work and gaining weight anyway–that takes greater strength of character than I have.

    During pregnancy it is really, really hard to force it into my brain that my body is supposed to be getting larger, that the numbers on the scale are supposed to be going up. I feel blinding rage at women who put their babies at risk by thwarting this element of nature–but I’m nevertheless tempted to thwart it myself.

  20. Melanie on July 23rd, 2007 9:52 pm

    You got the bacon chocolate??? Do you love it???
    I did yoga while pregnant, and I swear it helped with delivery. All the nurses told me I had an “easy labor” (whatever the fuck that means, it wasn’t EASY!!) Either way, it was definitely also relaxing, which was nice. And the visualization/meditation stuff at the end did help during labor, too.

  21. Shannon on July 24th, 2007 9:04 am

    Linda, sounds like Wendy’s Baconator has arrived just in time for you!

    All kidding aside, don’t feel badly about not working out at this time. Your body clearly craves more rest and that is what you should give it. What other time in your life can you actually justify all the naps?! During pregnancy, that’s when! I say nap full force for now.

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