It seems like the entire vibe for our upcoming final year in elementary school comes down to a piece of paper that will be taped to the front office doors next Friday: the dreaded/highly anticipated CLASS LIST.

I mean, okay, maybe not the entire school year vibe. But a lot of it, right? The class list tells you what teacher they will have, which influences everything. Dylan absolutely loved his third grade teacher, who was in turn incredibly perceptive and involved and in constant communication with us with regards to how Dylan was doing and what he needed to work on. His fourth grade teacher was … well, he had a really different style. He was fine! He just wasn’t, you know, Mr. Third Grade.

All the options for fifth grade (FIFTH GRADE, what even, and would you believe the other kid will be in SEVENTH grade) seem good to me, as far as I can tell, so I’m not terribly worried that he’ll get Mrs. So-and-So and everything will be awful. But I do have my secret preferences, and so does Dylan, and we’ll just have to see how things shake out.

So the teacher is kind of a huge X factor but there’s also the matter of what kids will be in his classroom. Friendships wax and wane at these ages and the class assignments are such a big part of that process. Kids who are BFFs when they’re in the same class often drift apart when they’re separated, and kids who you as a parent might feel a little hmmmm about, influence-wise, can suddenly become a THING when last year they weren’t, and so on.

With the caveat that I really like our school and everything in general has been great, I feel like Dylan drew the short straw last year a little bit when it came to his class environment, and I hope this year — especially being as how it’s his last before moving on to middle school (WHAT. EVEN) — he gets a teacher who really gets him, along with some fun and friendly classmates.

I hope all this for Riley, too, of course. Middle school is so different, though — different teachers throughout the day, different kids in each class.


4 Responses to “Piece of paper”

  1. Trina on August 24th, 2018 5:15 pm

    I know how you feel. This is our last year of middle and elementary school and I am DYING to see where my kids land this year. Middle school sucks and I am hopeful my younger one has an amazing last year in elementary to make up for the shit-show that’s waiting for him in middle school. It’s also very possible that I will have a kindergartner in 2 years and have to go through all of this again (we have a foster kiddo who might become a permanent member of the family here soon).

  2. Mary Clare on August 27th, 2018 10:35 am

    Is there such thing as 5th grade boy drama? Because the girl drama at this age is something crazy. I’m hoping we avoid it this year with the 5th grade girls in my daughter’s class. She’s sensitive and the mean girls are fierce. =(

  3. sara on August 28th, 2018 11:09 am

    Growing up I went to a small private school. So I was in the same class with basically the same 35 kids from first to eighth grade. Now my kids are in public school where it changes every year and it has been really really hard for ME to adjust too. I love the school but I HATE that some years they go in and are stuck in a class with kids they barely know while close friends seem to fade away. I’m 36 and almost all my best friends are girls I went to grade school with. It makes me sad that they wont have that same sense of camaraderie when they get older. However, This is all they’ll know and Im probably just being over dramatic haha

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