At some point in time the email notification plugin for this blog started getting weird and then the actual publication function started getting weird and now it’s all been weird for so long it’s just an expected part of the process: I hit publish on an entry, WordPress seems to mouthbreathe about it for a bit then gives me a vague error that implies the Internet has had quite enough of my garbage, even though the post actually does get published in some sort of unsatisfying behind-the-scenes way. Meanwhile, the email notification whatsit seems to be interpreting the error as either an indicator there is nothing to notify anyone about, or it too has applied machine knowledge over the years and has now decided there is certainly nothing of WORTHINESS to announce. Plus, on the rare occasion that the email does come through, it gets plastered with hostile security warnings (at least that’s how it appears on my end) which is pretty dramatic for a website that as far I know does not host a thriving poodle porn (tragically including all trendy variants of ‘doodles) empire but then again I no longer understand anything about how it all works so maybe it DOES.

Oh and also, I used to get email notifications when someone left a comment, and now I hardly ever do, which is very annoying and more than once has led me to assume readership had dwindled to literal zero.

It would be easy to be all what’s an old-school blogger to do, who can possibly keep up with all these newfangled tools? However, the tools have not in fact changed since the forever-ago when I installed them, which is to say their inner workings remain as baffling to me now as they did then. There’s honestly no excuse for not getting these things fixed except for how that sounds exhausting, soooooo.

After nearly twenty years of Interwebs writing it seems fairly ridiculous that I have neither 1) adapted to modern trends and tech nor 2) wisely closed up shop, but there’s just something I will forever and ever love about an 00’s-era blog. In fact, now that I think of it I’m basically doing my part to preserve a vintage content experience through my utter ignorance selfless historian services, and I suppose if I haven’t found a reason to quit yet I’m just gonna keep at it.

Anyway. Thanks for being on the other end of the screen, friends. Sorry the place is kind of a dump these days but I sure appreciate that you still stop by.


45 Responses to “Museum of blather”

  1. Kristi on May 11th, 2021 12:15 pm

    Thanks for keeping it up! I still prefer old-school blogs and really enjoy your writing.

  2. Eryn on May 11th, 2021 12:20 pm

    I just really really love an old school blog and yours is about the only one I have left. Sometimes I look in my reader cue at all the old blogs that used to be a thing and it makes me SO. SAD.

  3. Shawna on May 11th, 2021 1:13 pm

    I’m still here! Your readership isn’t zero! Don’t get discouraged and disappear on me!

  4. Angelique on May 11th, 2021 2:10 pm

    I check in weekly and really enjoy your posts.

  5. Meredith on May 11th, 2021 2:14 pm

    I actually love your old-school blog. It’s simple, authentic, and doesn’t have a million sponsored ads populating the blank spaces. We’re still here!

  6. Kelley O on May 11th, 2021 2:24 pm

    I’ve been reading you since D’land days, and will continue to read whatever you post. I get notified of your posts thru Feedly, I have your site as one of the few that I read along with Mimi Smartypants and the occasional TranceJen. You are in good company. :)

  7. Cara on May 11th, 2021 5:10 pm

    I see your updates in a feed reader – talk about old school – and everything shows up just fine for me!

  8. Molly on May 11th, 2021 6:29 pm

    Chiming in to say I still LOVE your posts (in a non-creepy way, I hope?!) I’ve been following and enjoying your writing since before D was born. My vote is to keep the blogs alive! Alive I say!

  9. Faye on May 11th, 2021 10:44 pm

    So pleased you’re still here – I love your posts!

  10. Carmen on May 12th, 2021 12:32 am

    I’m here and happy you’re still posting; I do hope you continue.

  11. Sarah on May 12th, 2021 3:31 am

    I’m so happy you are still here. And I’m still here! Love your writing.

  12. Mary on May 12th, 2021 5:11 am

    Hey, at least you bought your own domain. I still let WordPress host my free blog. And I post on it like twice a year. Yet I also cannot give it up. It reminds me of the days when I used to log in to my Google Reader every morning and have like 20 posts waiting for me from all my favorite bloggers, and I would spend an hour or so catching up on what they were doing.

  13. Pat Birnie on May 12th, 2021 11:37 am

    Another loyal reader here! Thanks for hanging in.

  14. Leowallner on May 12th, 2021 11:38 am

    Have read you for at least 12 years, reading from the start of the blog when I first found it. I track (way too infrequent:) updates via feedly, rather than the email notification system. Please keep writing! :)

  15. Caroline on May 12th, 2021 12:29 pm

    You are my absolute favorite; I’ve followed since Riley was a baby. Love your writing; the way you can be transparent and honest, yet hilarious at the same time.

  16. Amy on May 12th, 2021 1:48 pm

    I got scared for a second there that you had found a reason to quit. Please don’t! I’ve been reading since before Riley was born.

  17. Heather on May 12th, 2021 1:51 pm

    Like the Whos in Whoville trying to save themselves….


  18. Gigi on May 12th, 2021 2:07 pm

    Hi – I’m still here! Old school blogging is the best. Believe it or not, your blog posts still show up in the Blogger Reader thing (see how technical I am? And note, I’m still on Blogger! Talk about old school).

    Also, old school bloggers are still blogging – the trick is finding them.

  19. Lori on May 12th, 2021 2:57 pm

    Still here! I see you via feedly.

  20. Lee on May 13th, 2021 6:17 am

    For a minute there I was worried you were signing off. Please don’t ever do that!

  21. barbara on May 13th, 2021 8:09 am

    Glad you will still post! I love your blog and your writing.

  22. sara on May 13th, 2021 10:59 am

    never leave! i always read, even if i dont comment!

  23. Belle on May 13th, 2021 12:48 pm

    Shoot, I’m so old school, I just check my favorite bookmarks for your blog and hoping I see an update from you.

    I tried a blog once and I was so boring I decided I wasn’t very entertaining – to myself or anyone else. Glad that is not the case with you! :)

  24. Sarah K on May 13th, 2021 2:11 pm

    I just love the way you write here, thank you.

  25. gwen on May 13th, 2021 4:30 pm

    Still here with you and still loving your writing so, so much. I had a very real moment of fear just now that this post was you hanging it up, and now I’m having a very real moment of gratitude for you sharing your thoughts with us like this for so long. Thank you.

  26. Nancy on May 13th, 2021 7:51 pm

    I’m here enjoying too! Loved an old school blog when I worked in offices and when I started grad school they helped me by being short form so I didn’t fall into a book. Still love. Thank you

  27. Jenn on May 13th, 2021 7:51 pm

    I love your blog and love that a blog is now considered old school, like a slam book or a pager. We aren’t old, we’re retro! Along with everything else from the 90s!

  28. Laurie on May 13th, 2021 9:21 pm

    I’m here, still enjoying your writing and my new Oculus as a result! Feedly lets me know when you’ve posted, and it always makes me happy.

  29. Nikka on May 14th, 2021 6:48 am

    Here! Reading anything you post. Old school here too.

  30. nicolien on May 14th, 2021 11:49 am

    Glad you’re keeping it going! I love blogs and there are many that stopped and I truly miss them (sometimes I visit them and it’s weird to see a last post from April 6, 2008 or something like that and yet still remember so vividly reading about their lives)…

  31. Lisa on May 14th, 2021 1:14 pm

    I’m always SO happy to see a new post from you! Thanks for keeping it going. As long as you keep writing, I’ll keeping reading :)

  32. Courtney on May 14th, 2021 3:28 pm

    Been reading since Riley’s suspicious eyebrows. I like this style blog, and am so happy when I see you have a new post. Still hoping you’ll write that book one day.

  33. Kelly P on May 16th, 2021 12:16 am

    I’ve been reading for YEARS. I honestly don’t even know how long – the boys were very little – toddler and preschool I think? Anyway, doesn’t matter, I love your writing. Your blog has always been one of my favorites because of how often your writing just hits me in the gut. I also like its old school vibe. I’ll read for as long as you write. Thanks for keeping with it!

  34. KD on May 16th, 2021 6:54 am

    Still here! I’ve been reading your blog since the early aughts (2001? 2002?). I just type the URL in periodically to look for updates, old school style. There are so few bloggers I follow left on the interwebs. You, Swistle, and Mimi Smartypants are my trifecta! Thank you for what you do!

  35. Laura S on May 16th, 2021 5:19 pm

    Been with you since Dairyland days (OMG has it been almost 20yrs!). Unsubbed from email notifications long ago but bookmarked you and check it every week. We have so very little in common (other than political angst during 2016-2020) and yet your writing really resonates with me. Would really appreciate it if you’d continue with the “vintage content experience”, but would totally understand if you ever decide to call it quits.

  36. Vic on May 18th, 2021 4:44 pm

    Chiming in to say that I’ve been reading for, uh, most of this millenium. Really enjoy it – love your writing!

  37. Mary Clare on May 19th, 2021 1:28 pm

    I come for the authentic style of your writing and stay for the humor. Thanks for keeping on!

  38. Karen on May 20th, 2021 5:30 am

    Still here, Linda. Still adore you after 20ish years. Diaryland days. Your writing is wonderful, as are you. ♥️

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  40. Gillian on May 23rd, 2021 7:23 pm

    Yep, it has to be 20 years, and worth every post. Thank you for sharing yourself. I’ll read for as long as you write!

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  42. Melanie on May 30th, 2021 6:15 am

    I’m so happy that you still right here! I haven’t found the endurance to do so with my old dusty blog. It is comforting to read the thoughts of the few people who still do this and maybe someday I will start again. We need to do this until we are very old, what fun that will be.

  43. Melanie Dostal on May 30th, 2021 6:15 am

    I’m so happy that you still right here! I haven’t found the endurance to do so with my old dusty blog. It is comforting to read the thoughts of the few people who still do this and maybe someday I will start again. We need to do this until we are very old, what fun that will be.

  44. Melanie Dostal on May 30th, 2021 6:19 am

    Not sure why my comment posted twice?! ^
    And also I was going between write here and right here and ended up with the wrong form! Ha – I guess I’m out of practice with a comment and also shouldn’t do so on a phone with my 43 year old eyes. Any way – just thought you should know that your writing is much appreciated!

  45. TinaNZ on July 17th, 2021 4:07 am

    Wow I thought you had stopped posting as I hadn’t had a notification. So glad it’s just good old technology.

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