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The Happiest Baby on the Block, Harvey Karp

I haven't listed the millions of baby-related stuff I've been reading, because yawn, but I'm interested to hear what you thought about this book if you also read it.

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Get Perpendicular!

Hitachi, you wacky bunch of freaks.


More evidence of evil: note the predatory expression as she lounges on the mattress in our hallway. What, you don't have a mattress in YOUR hallway? You should totally try it, it's especially fun at night when you can't see the fucking thing.


Thursday, April 7, 2005

If I had more time, I'd write in lurid detail about my Tuesday Ladies' Night, which included both pizza AND cupcakes and the wonderful company of three girlfriends whom I am happy to report wasted no time bringing up anal sex during our evening's conversation. I'd tell you about our mutual confusion over the naughty term "tossed salad" and how one of us, possibly me, theorized it had "something to do with the balls" and how you really don't want to google that because no, not so much about the balls, and ew, and I'd tell you about my very demure and chaste friend who practically shouted "MY PUSSY IS CHAFED" in the middle of a family dining establishment, but I can't do all that because I'm in a hurry, dammit, I need to buy some last-minute crap for my trip like travel shampoo, one of those fuzz-roller things, some books, and fourteen jillion packs of gum.

So instead of a real entry, here's a picture of my expanding belly, and I'll see you in a week or so!



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