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20 weeks worth of pregnant belly packed into an at-capacity Old Navy dress. STYLISH!


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Too bad you can't bottle up the sunshine and salt and sand from a wonderful beach vacation (I'd have taken my first nostalgic whiff on the plane as we descended into grey, dreary Seattle weather on Monday) - the sound of the surf, the tan on my legs, and the feeling of sheer disconnect; I wish I could save all those things from fading away with time. But, I do have pictures, and if they're worth their fabled rate, here's about 13,000 words, all about Oahu:


I found these ridiculously cute things at a children's store in the town of Haleiwa. And according to this morning's ultrasound...

...we really only needed to have bought the blue one.

We're having a boy! Aloha, Riley William.

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