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This is possibly the best thing I have ever seen, ever. Except for this.


The ascent out of Seattle on the way to Hawaii. Just looking at this picture makes me have to pee, because that's what freaking HAPPENS when you have a window seat.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Everyone at Workplace blew off the afternoon and went to Star Wars Episode III today. I work at a software company, I think the movie is actually considered a valid industry event for offices comprised primarily of nerds. Anyway, I liked the battle scenes and effects, snickered at most of the dialogue (not a spoiler, but for those who have seen it, let's bellow it together: "NOOOOOOOOOO!"), and found myself rather enjoying Padme's maternity wear.

And speaking of maternity, the baby kicked more strongly than I've ever felt before during the last half hour of the movie. My god...is he...could he be a STAR WARS GEEK? IN UTERO?

Note to unborn child: please, please never go to a movie dressed as one of its characters. There is nothing on this earth that is dorkier. You will undoubtedly grow up to distrust my every word, but try and believe me on this one.

On the way to the theater it was raining like hell, then when we came out it was sunny, so I had high hopes for my bus commute home - unfortunately, the rain came back the instant I stepped out the door and brought its friend Gale Force Winds, which caused my umbrella to immediately flip inside out. Nothing quite like ineffectually struggling with an inside-out umbrella on a busy street to make you feel like a jackass, you know? Spring weather, pah.

I've been taking the bus quite a bit lately, and it's not bad. It's not perfect by any means, but it beats sitting in traffic with nothing to do but grip stress-dents into the steering wheel while the 3958th commercial in a row plays on 96.5. I also have to do some walking to and from 4 different stops, and while I'm not under some false assumption that this is as beneficial as hitting the gym, at least it gets me off my ass every day. And, I can listen to my iPod while surreptitiously staring at people and inventing their life stores (she's a med student, he's a project manager, she does donkey shows in Tijuana, he collects Hummel figurines, etc).

The sucky parts are: waiting for the buses, enduring the various aromas certain people on the bus project from their bodies, having to shlep a coat and umbrella everywhere just in case, and having to pee while there's still a good 45 minutes left to my trip, especially if you-know-who is kicking me in the damn bladder.

I ride through the UW campus, so there are always tons of students on the bus, which sometimes makes me feel old and a little envious of some girls' ability to wear extra low-rise jeans. On the other hand, being surrounded by so much youthful vim and vigor means that no matter how nasty the weather is, I am never the only idiot who wore flipflops.


Recorded live this morning: JB, singing in the shower.
(The video is unfortunately kind of a huge file, so you may have to go make a sandwich or something while it's loading.)

There are five true things about this incredible, never-before-captured-digitally performance:

1. Dog's name is actually Ashley,
2. and we have a really stupid song we both sing that goes: "The law turned its back on the DAWG...so the DAWG....turned her back...on the LAW!" (I...don't know, okay? I DON'T KNOW WHY WE DO THIS)
3. This is a variation on the Stupid Song theme, a terrible horrible tone-deaf variation, which makes it so, so awesome that I had the camera handy, a fact that
4. he did not know about at the time.
5. While he did not, in so many words, give me permission to post this on the internet, he also did not expressly forbid me from doing so.

Remember, Ashley fought! For justice.

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