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One last ultrasound image, this one in TWO dimensions.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today JB and I went to this place (it's actually a very nice woman who runs the business out of her home) and got one of those newfangled 3D/4D ultrasounds. As everyone knows, the fourth dimension is Time, so basically what the scanning process does is, it tunnels this wormhole in space, which results in -

Oh, not really. Like I would place the fate of the entire universe at risk by potentially breaking causal chains left and right in the classic time traveler's paradox? Doy. The '4D' just refers to the fact that motion is captured too - we received a tape with some video as well as a bunch of image stills on CD.

The whole process was very cool, the baby was super active and we saw him making lots of faces and playing with the umbilical cord (note to unborn child: stop gnawing on your life support system). We were also shown a closeup of what I shall refer to as the Twig And Berries, which I will carefully archive in order to humiliate him in the future - on, say, prom night.

So, how about some pictures?

First, some notes on what you're seeing, in case some of these graphics seem a little weird. The machine only captures 3D images in a small area, and anything outside the area is either not visible or appears as blurriness. Also, while the technician tried for a good face shot, the baby's head was partially smooshed against the placenta the whole time, so it was never possible to get a really clear eyes/nose/mouth image.

Anyway, here he is....toes and all.

You guys. That's my SON in there! My god, I can't wait to meet him.

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