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e.l.f. cosmetics: it's decent quality makeup, and it all costs ONE DOLLAR. I've tried their lipstick, eyeliner, concealer, and nail polish, and I can attest that it's about a bazillion times better than other cheapo stuff like Wet 'n Wild. ONE DOLLAR!


Unlike most pregnant women, my belly button has not popped cutely outward like the tag on a Butterball turkey. Only the top half of my navel pokes in front of me, like a weird fleshy little HAT. Why am I such a dork?

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Well, the one out-of-town holiday we had planned for the summer is now over and gone. I guess we could try for a camping trip or something in the coming weeks, but the necessary logistics (XXL-sized sleeping bag? catheter to reduce hourly pee trips? Macy's balloon tether to drag my panting self along a hiking trail?) seem a bit overwhelming, really. Lucky for us our Last Vacation In the Foreseeable Future was a good one; lots of sunshine and warm weather during the slow, relaxing days we spent on the river.

My favorite afternoon activity involved floating on an air mattress in the water, paddling lazily to keep from heading downstream. Lying there on my back with my belly protruding skyward, I'm sure I was the picture of grace and dignity, especially since 1) my wet maternity bathing suit resulted in a fashion look that I can best describe as "sausagey" and 2) there was no handy crane available to drop me neatly onto the mattress, so each time I went out I had to wrestle myself on top of the slippery thing, involuntarily barking loud elephant-seal grunts and pinwheeling my arms and legs while doing so. But did I care? Well, only when there was a camera pointed at me, but otherwise....no. It was bliss, bobbing along all weightless and feeling the heat of the sun and the coolness of the water.


As usual, Dog was in Dog Heaven. She swam until she was a happy, boneless noodle, then she snored like a buzzsaw all night long.


I got a tan, ate monstrous amounts of watermelon, and was the surprised and grateful recipient of a large number of baby gifts from JB's family and friends. JB swam with Dog, paddled me around in the canoe, and with the help of his brother, set off a mighty fine fireworks display over the river.


We usually see a fair amount of wildlife at the cabin, but this year was a treat: at least five bald eagles, a herd of elk...


...and during a walk in the wooded hills - three black bears. In fact, I now have irrefutable proof to the age-old question:

I may not post exciting content in this journal, but people, never say I didn't give you bear shit.

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