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Friday, November 18, 2005

This week Riley has suddenly become much more aware of everything around him, including his hands. He stares at his hands like, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT THESE THINGS ARE ATTACHED TO ME?". God, Riley. Language. Anyway, he has been sucking up all of my attention and time with his crazy little learning self, I mean can you say needy? Jesus. He's all "I want attention" and "I need a nap" and "I need food to survive", you know, blah blah blah I-pooped-my-pantscakes.

A real update is coming soon, but until then I have a couple questions for you, my smart internet friends:

• New Madonna album: any good?
• How in the hell do babies get dirty fingernails, and is there any way to clean them without using, like, a toothpick?
• Canon Rebel XT or Nikon D70?
• I would like to make something easy for dinner that does not involve a goddamn chicken breast. Any suggestions?

Onward! To the photos!

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