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Hi there. My name is Linda, although I post as Sundry and my website is "sundrymourning" and I titled it "All & Sundry". Branding is my forte!

As of this writing, I can be described thusly:

• 31 years old
• residing in an eastside suburb of Seattle
• married to the many-adjective'd JB
• owner of Dog and Cat
• bumbling new parent to squirrel-cheeked Riley William, born August 2005
• fond of Simpsons quotes, Aimee Mann, comic books, movies with lots of bad words in them, delicata squash, my son's chin dimple

I started writing an online journal in 2002, where I chronicled my life in varying font sizes: unemployed, living in Seattle, with access to a scanner and clearly too much time on my hands. I talked about girlie exams and my cat, like a LOT. Yes. Ahem. We bought a house and moved to the suburbs, and obviously the next step was to acquire a dog. I got a job and bemoaned my Office Ass. I developed a seriously retarded obsession with those Lord of the Rings guys. I posted a short poem about plushies. In 2004 I turned 30. I snapped a photo of my dog engaged in a pornographic act, and we gave her a very bad nickname. I wrote part of a short story. Giant armpits freaked me out. I drew a unicorn but fucked up the horn placement. I had a perfect day and a very bad day. In 2005 I got all knocked up and stuff, which I obsessively detailed with photos. I documented an evening with the pets. We went on vacation. I was introspective. And, well, I had a kid.

These days I'm learning to parent a small child, working at my office three days a week, and generally wishing life would slow the fuck down for a minute. I post lots of photos taken with [ pre-2006, a Fuji Finepix S5000, post: a Nikon D70] . I drink eleventy jillion Diet Cokes per day.


Here is JB and I on our wedding day in May 2001. Actually, this is an image of a photo that's clamped to our refrigerator - see the magnets and patina of filth?


And a more recent photo, taken in December 2005. (Boy, what's with all the red? No one knows.) As you can see, I have really branched out, hairstyle-wise.


This is Dog. Dog embodies all that is good in the world, except when we have to pick up her flotsam.


Cat is incredibly evil and frankly, she doesn't deserve the hosting space for this picture.


And finally, here is our baby boy, who is lucky he's so adorable because something's got to balance out all that pants-shitting.

Here is an old bio I wrote.

There. Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to. Stop and say hello sometime! We'll have pretend internet coffee, you and I.