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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I can't believe Thanksgiving is already behind us and people are putting lights on their houses and buying trees and Amazon is gently reminding me to hop to, motherfucker, because the spirit of the season is HERE and it costs $19.95.

I've done my part to support the retail sector this year by purchasing that new camera I've been hemming and hawing about. I decided on the Nikon D70 over the Rebel XT; it mostly came down to how each of them felt in my hands and the Rebel was just too small and light, if that makes any kind of sense. I've been using the D70 over the last couple days and I'm super pleased with it. Perhaps when I make my mouth-breathing way through the manual and have a clue what all the different settings do I'll like it even more!

What this means for you, Gentle Reader, is even MORE photos of exciting things like:


The sky!


A stained-glass Jesus sign!


Childrens' gravesites! (Um, sorry. Downer.)


The line at Starbucks!


And of course,

The Boy!

I've taken approximately eleventy million pictures of Riley with the new camera. The tender expression of his loving mother has been replaced with the dispassionate eye of a Nikkor lens, and I'm probably permanently bespotting his vision with the constant flashing. I'm sure this is the sort of damaged upbringing that resulted in the Paris Hilton we know today.

Also, I might need to get another fridge.


Other new toys in our household include two gifts from our respective offices. JB's workplace - in flagrant disregard for my own feelings on the matter - handed out the new Xbox 360 to a bunch of employees, and now my living room is constantly filled with the melodious sounds of "Perfect Dark Zero", a game designed to make its devotees into saucer-eyed console slaves. JB claims that the major improvements in the new Xbox require a high-def TV in order to fully appreciate the awesomeness within, which is sort of like telling me that the crack is extra tasty when smoked through this kind of pipe.

My own office gave everyone video iPods as a collective attaboy for a good year. My initial ungrateful reaction was to wonder what the hell I'd use it for when I have a perfectly functional non-video iPod, but that's before I downloaded the Thriller video. Dancing zombies on the iPod screen = rad. There are not a lot of video options on the iTunes store yet, but I'm slowly amassing a nice assortment of Pixar shorts and silly music videos. I haven't watched music videos since MTV switched to its all-Cribs-all-the-time format; have you seen Madonna's ass lately? My god, the woman is formed entirely from lean muscle tissue and Botox. The iPod also nicely showcases all of those Riley images, which as a presentation option beats the hell out of the wallet photo.

In far more important news, Riley is three months old today. I thought the smiles were deadly on their own, but now he's routinely grinning and talking to me. "A-goo," he'll say, beaming, and my knees literally go weak. He sleeps through the night, like he's been doing for weeks now, and just in the last few days when I've checked on him in the morning, he's been awake and keeping himself entertained. He erupts in occasional fits of howling, but we've learned this is almost always associated with being overtired or hungry, and so we're better equipped to deal with what we call Hurricane Riley. He always manages to get his socks off. He still hiccups a LOT. He spends many happy minutes at a time squirming and babbling at his hands.

I don't even have the words for the joy he brings me, except to say that he's even better than a camera, iPod, and Xbox all combined.


PS. If you haven't already, will you add yourself here? You can include a photo, link to your website, etc. I am loving on the Frappr.


PPS. Baby in a HOODIE. Booyah!

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