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Friday, February 10, 2006

Recently, from the iPhoto library and Flickr:


Hilariously, this was in the "Eye Openers" section of the Seattle Times today. (We cut it out and mailed it to Maxim's "Found P0rn".)

If that headline doesn't make you laugh, you are dead to me.


A daffodil bulb in my backyard. Spring is coming! HEAR YE HEAR YE!


Or not. Here's a shitload of frost covering the top of my car the other morning.


What's that you say? This is all well and good but let's get to the baby photos? Oh, if you insist.


The Bumbo seat finally arrived today, and I think it's going to be a big hit. Riley seems to like the new perspective on things, and I can more easily gnaw on his delicious feet.


Riley and his penguin hat, which he hates very very much. Too bad for him, because anything that makes him look this cute is going to be in heavy fashion rotation around here. Besides, it keeps his ears warm. I think.


Now that his feet actually touch the bottom of this exersaucer thing, he can happily play in it for long periods of time. The doohickey he's pushing on cycles through a variety of sounds: a robotic female voice says the english word for the animal printed on it, then the word in spanish, then a bark or moo or roar. Some combination of pushes also triggers a jolly little tune. Since Riley greatly enjoys pushing it over and over in a flailing sort of way, this is what we often hear:

"Lion. León. ROOA- Cat. Gato. Lion. Dog. Cat. Cow. MOOOO! Dog. Perro. Woof! Cat. Lion. Woof! MEOW. Lion. Dog. León. ROOA- Cat. Da da da daa daa daaaa - Cow. Vaca. Dog- Cat. MEOW - Cow. Do de daa da - MOOOO! Dog. Cat. MEOW -"




He isn't crawling yet, but he's sure trying to do something.




Decent movies I've watched in the last week or so:

Thumbsucker (Keanu Reeves is in it, but don't let that stop you)
Tarnation (Highly disturbing, engrossing and unique)
Lord of War (Had more potential than what it delivered, but still well worth your DVD-rental investment)
Never Been Thawed (HILARIOUS. Run don't walk, see it today)


The Boy has learned how to make a weird Mothra sound while inhaling. Behold!


Did you know that when you start feeding a baby solids the consistency of their poop will dramatically change overnight? It's both true AND gross.

Happy weekend, all.

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