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Truth & Beauty: A Friendship, Ann Patchett

Beautiful, wonderful; I love this book.



Monday, June 13, 2005

Dear Workplace coworker who felt it necessary to send my "5 point business plan" entry to my boss:

I guess I didn't make it clear enough that I wasn't talking specifically about my current job. But thanks for caring so deeply about my morale and welfare. It was especially awesome that you chose to bypass the option of talking to me - I mean, sending it to my boss was really the obvious course of action, and I'm ever so glad that's what occurred to you first.

By the way, you know what would be really great? Is if you would stop reading my online journal. If I'm not your friend - aaaaaand it's pretty clear that I'm not - I don't want you here. This place is personal, and 99.9% of what I write about has nothing to do with any job; if you're trolling for reasons to get me fired, you're out of luck.

I can't control who stops by this page, but I can ask nicely: go away, and don't come back. Please.


I don't know if I've ever mentioned problems with my backyard before, unless it's been in a metaphorical sense referring to the size of my ass, but we've had a privacy issue for a while now (today's theme: PRIVACY? Brought to you by the letters F and U?). An apartment complex is behind our house and up a hill, and the cars that park in their lot have been clearly visible to us from our living room. While I do not like to dwell on the idea that people getting in and out of their vehicles could see JB and I doing everything from watching "Real Sex" to surreptitiously picking our noses when the other person isn't looking, it's a sad fact that the fence just wasn't high enough to block their view.

While we've discussed everything from fast-growing bamboo to Levolor blinds, JB finally hit on the perfect solution this weekend when he added a good 3 feet of lattice to the top of the fence. Our living room is now safe for nekkid vacuuming, although I really recommend a support garment for that type of activity.

Man, what IS it about toolbelts? Mrrrrow!


My husband also done went and caught him a mess of scallops while diving in the Puget Sound yesterday. Not pictured: the Unbearable Grossness of Raw Shellfish Guts.


The belly, it continues to grow.

And, based on the increasing movement in there, here are some objects I am beginning to suspect might be housed in my midsection:



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