Some family-related things:

1) My grandfather invented a type of trailer hitch back in 1946 and called it the “Draw-Tite”. He founded a company that, while no longer in the family, is still around today and apparently doing quite well. The next time you’re driving around and happen to see a Draw-Tite trailer hitch on the car in front of you, you can think to yourself, “Hey! That was invented by the beloved grandpa of that random girl whose blog I sometimes read!”.

2) My aunt Linda (I was named after her, but she got the cooler-sounding middle name, while my own name is LINDA LEE, thankyouverymuch) has started her own blog. You should read it, because she is funny and smart and awesome (and if there are glitches in the website, it is totally my fault). I’m hoping the pressure is on my mom to start one too, because she is also funny and smart and awesome, and the family that blogs together…uh, probably tends to say embarrassing things about each other on the internet. So stay tuned!

My aunt and mom live together in Port Angeles, along with my mom’s Significant Other, John. They recently added a parrot to their household, which is…well, it’s weird, because birds are weird and twitchy and they freak my shit with their explosive wing-kerfuffling, but he’s very pretty. See?


Except for his freaky little feet. Gah, the feet.

Riley was fairly excited about the bird’s presence last weekend, which was highly entertaining.


I love this picture, because he’s all, “Dude, I thought I was supposed to be on bear patrol! WTF IS THAT?”

Anyway, onto other stuff. Like this:

Picture 6.png

It’s kind of a long story, but this picture got sent to a staff email distribution at Workplace today. Yes. I am a highly professional, well-respected employee. With Diet Coke protruding from my nose.

This is what happens when your co-workers have access to your Flickr account, friends. Let me act as a warning to you all.


85 Responses to “Family trivia and Diet Coke”

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