A couple of updates on topics that likely weren’t particularly interesting the FIRST time around, but this is what I’ve got to talk about these days unless anyone wants to discuss the ongoing issue of a dog who routinely leaves a brown butthole-shaped spot on the carpet whenever she sits and scratches herself in a certain position, which the vet has assured me is not due to any sort of worrisome butt-related malfunction? I mean probably not, so let’s circle back on two things I was very enthusiastic about at the time: yoga and Beat Saber.

Historically my level of interest in a thing tends to go on a sharp decline after the initial obsession (see also: bullet journals, watercolor painting, food logging, committing to less mindless phone-scrolling, etc) but I am still going strong with the daily yoga. In fact, I honestly can’t see why I’d ever stop this routine outside of mobility issues, that’s how life-changingly amazing it has been.

Now, here I need to point out that when I drone on about how rewarding and strengthening and soothing I find this yoga practice, I am very specifically talking about Adriene Mishler’s flavor of yoga, which can be accessed via her YouTube channel and/or her membership-based site Find What Feels Good.

I would describe her yoga as gentle and extremely beginner-friendly; there are flows and holds that can get fairly spicy but overall the postures are uncomplicated and the pace is slow. When I first tried her videos I felt like it was … too easy, I guess? If the goal is laser-focused on calorie burn, which mine certainly used to be, all that stillness and deep breathing can feel like a waste of time.

I’m extremely, profoundly glad I found the ability to rethink what yoga could mean for me, and it’s entirely thanks to her channel. One of her monthly challenges just came along at exactly the right time, and I know the reason I’ve been able to stay committed to a daily practice ever since because of its peaceful nature, which offers respite instead of punishment.

It’s also become apparent that the most seemingly simple postures are in fact nearly infinite in their capacity to challenge the body and mind. But it’s always up to me: if I’m running low on energy, I can dial it way back, or I can push for those sizzle moments if I’m feeling strong. This works way better for me than a routine that demands max effort each and every time.

Lord help me I haven’t even gotten to Beat Saber yet. In short: I am now wholly devoted to Yoga with Adriene, I strongly recommend it if you are a human, I could go on and on about the many benefits both physical and mental but you’ve probably heard of yoga before so I will STOP NOW.

I figured there would be a good chance that my Beat Saber interest would also come with a fairly short shelf life, but you guys. You guys, I love Beat Saber so much. I play every blessed day, sometimes for a sweat-soaked HOUR or more. I’m fairly tired of the available songs at this point but I don’t care, the game is just too damn fun.

Also, it is emotionally important for me to document here that I have progressed to Expert Level on Beat Saber. This seemed absolutely impossible to me when I first played the game, like so far outside of the realm of my capabilities it was downright comical, and now I can play the shit out of that motherfucking mode. (Um, on certain songs, not the really really really hard ones.)

I realize nothing about this achievement appears to translate to the real world, but what if our planet is suddenly beset by an endless stream of square-shaped aliens which can only be defeated by slicing them in half, rhythmically? I WILL HEED THE BEATSIGNAL, that’s what.


Hello! Today’s post is a roundup of the things I’ve purchased lately that have sparked joy in some way. If that sort of thing is not your jam but you have a few more minutes to spend dicking around on the Internet, I personally endorse this delightful time-suck for cooped-up wanderlust. (I want to be in you, Potato Hotel, carrying a novelty-sized pat of butter.)

I do have an entire website for the specific purpose of recommending things, but that effort really fizzled last year. Sundry Buzz rapidly went from a fun pastime to a gross feeling of “Hey everything is super awful and budgets are zero but here’s some dumb shit to buy that you almost certainly don’t need!”

Anyway, here’s some dumb shit I have bought, but only the dumb shit that has actually delivered long-term benefits as opposed to that fleeting dopamine hit brought on by the arrival of yet another package, don’t even tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Underwear that doesn’t suck. I have zero patience for bullshit underwear that creeps, slides, pinches, or is designed on purpose to get stuck in your buttcrack. Here at 47 I think I can safely say that I have tried them all and thongs are a forever no, ditto those “cheeky” styles that one must inevitably pluck at like an ass-banjo to keep the fabric in place. I am really liking these Reebok undies for all-around stay-put comfort and a cute sporty look that keeps the granny-panty vibe at bay, and this Vince Camuto hipster style that is fully no-show and rather pretty while still offering full coverage (the lacy rear gave me pause but it’s very soft, not scratchy/itchy at all).

This Internet-advertised candle. Kudos to whoever dreamed up the Instagram ad for this candle because it sure worked on me. I even bought it with the near certainty that it would not live up to expectations and yet it DID. I can only speak to the Charcoal scent but it’s downright mesmerizing, a delicious exotic woodsy cologne-like musky fragrance that is not too much or too little but just right. Also, while it is clearly an expensive candle (and unfortunately in my experience the best-smelling, longest-burning candles straight-up cost more), it is not an OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive candle, I am side-eyed you Diptyque.

A squirrel log. YES I SAID SQUIRREL LOG. We put one of these feeders in a tree in our front window a while back and hand to god that was a LIFE UPGRADE. My unwanted new hobby of staring bleakly out into the abyss has been transformed into staring amusedly at acrobatic squirrel antics which is a major improvement.

Cozy pajamas. I have never been a pajama-wearing person but in my aggressive pursuit of all things comfy I decided to try this set and I am DELIGHTED with them. I am also reliably poked fun at for wearing them but I think they have a charming sort of visual appeal: that perky piping! I mean it’s true they probably do not quite live up to the brand claims that they offer “EYE-CATCHING STYLE that keeps bedtime beautiful” but are we making bedtime beautiful or are we a full goddamned year into a pandemic? (I sized down as per the comment suggestions which worked great.)

Sephora’s “Clean Me Up” set. This was recommended by a friend in a makeup-focused Facebook group I’m in and I have been extremely pleased with it. Every single item was a home run for me, particularly the ILIA cheek/lip tint (I really like it as a creamy blush) and the satisfyingly unfussy but lovely Kosas lip balm. All are considered clean beauty products, if that is a selling point for you.

This weird little rollerball thing. “Like blotting papers, but better!” It’s true! Instead of caking your face in powder or using a billion tiny papers, you can just roll this REAL VOLCANIC STONE (?) across your shiny-ass snout and bam, no more oil slick. The stone can be cleaned with face wash (or you can do what I do and just use it over and over without bothering to wonder if you’re rolling oil back on rather than off).

A cheery retro toaster. It’s funny the things you just put up with for years on end, like for instance our crappy yard sale toaster that reliably burnt the living shit out of whatever you dared to place in its aggressive maw. I finally decided to replace it with, you know, something that wouldn’t trigger the smoke alarm on the reg, and this toaster gave me instant heart eyes. It’s very Jetsons: it looks like the idea of the future from many years back.

Your turn! Hit me with your best reccs, fire away.


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