1) I have a proposal for those of you who are local, like to swim, and would potentially enjoy getting kicked in the head by about a thousand other women at 6:45 AM on a weekend morning (ooh, am I selling this, or what?): would anyone want to team up with me for the Seattle Danskin triathlon on August 15? I’ve done very little pool training and zero open water swimming this summer, so I’d like to change my participation from individual to relay so I have a fighting chance at actually enjoying the event. You’d take the 800 yard swim, I’d do the bike and run. If you’re interested, let me know!

2) If you were about to embark on the effort of cleaning out your house and getting rid of some random crap—from kid stuff to exercise equipment to a couple pieces of furniture—would you bother with a garage sale? Or just haul everything to a thrift store and donate it? I haven’t held a garage sale before and don’t know if it’s worth hanging around the house all day making change and watching people sneer at my dusty unused Ab Roller.

3) Are you guys watching Breaking Bad? I can’t shut up about Breaking Bad. We just finished season one and I’m completely obsessed. Breaking Bad!


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13 years ago

Sell the stuff on CL. Or, since I’m local and have a 17-month old, try to sell it all to me as a package!

13 years ago

I thought about you this past weekend. A girlfriend and I hosted a two-day garage sale. Except for spending “quality time” with said friend, the whole things was TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. I made less than $300 and got heat exhaustion. Plus the hours and hours I spend hauling all the crap to her house, borrowing tables to set everything up, cleaning everything, pricing everything. HOURS of work that I could have spent cleaning my house or spending time with family. Consignment and/or Craigslist is a much better, in my opinion, way to go. The only other positive aspect of the sale – people watching. Garage sales bring out the underside of Seattle. ;)

Carol  Snider
13 years ago

I’m doing the Danskin this year — all three legs — and would love to meet you! (I’ll be wearing the first and only form of blog advertising I’ve ever had: http://www.northwestladybug.com/2010/07/thisll-force-me-out-of-hiding.html.)

BUT, you do not want me as a team mate. Seriously, you don’t. My goal is to just FINISH the dang race, and I HAVE been training, including a dry (well, mostly sweaty/wet) run last night. (All my Danskin-related posts are here: http://www.northwestladybug.com/search/label/Danskin%20Triathlon

If you see me, please do say hi… ask you ZOOM by me at lightning speed.