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One of the things I love about JB is that he’s a born entrepreneur. Ever since I met him he’s had side projects and business ideas, some of which eventually were retired in his woodshop, and some which blossomed into full-scale companies. He has a knack for combining his skills with his passions, which has led him down all sorts of paths — from underwater exploration to hand-crafted iPhone holders.

As some of you know, JB is an avid shooter. Because of his love for guns and customized accessories, he’s designed an AR-15 lower receiver he’s calling Hellbreaker.
Here’s what it looks like:

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 7.26.27 PM

Now, I’m not a gun person, but I can tell you that he’s put an enormous amount of effort into getting Hellbreaker as far as it’s come. His dream is to turn it into a viable AR-15 product that can be sold through licensed firearms dealers.

Hellbreaker exists as a model now, and the next steps would be to have it tooled for mass production. JB’s created an Indiegogo page to try and raise funds to move forward on the project, and I would be a suck-ass wife if I didn’t tell you about it … and say that every contribution makes a difference.

I’m crossing my fingers he can make it happen — not because I think it will be some huge moneymaker and we’ll retire in a giant mansion made of Unobtainium, but because he believes in it, and I believe in him.

If you know anyone who likes custom gun stuff, he’d be hugely grateful if you could share the link. Thanks for listening, friends.

** Edit: as of 8/30, the campaign has been taken offline by the IndieGoGo folks. Update here.

After many trips back and forth (with a WHEELBARROW) (in 95+ degree weather!) (UPHILL BOTH WAYS) last week, we’re officially settled into our new house. We still have plenty of projects to tackle, including emptying out our rented storage facility, dealing with bogus light fixtures, finishing the sunroom floor, despairing uselessly over all the mismatched cabinets, and un-fucking the family room we’ve been using as a dumping ground since we moved in, but man, things are looking much better than they were.

Some before-and-afters:











The whole process thus far has been expensive, exhausting, and time-consuming … but also kind of insanely rewarding? I don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome or what, but I am falling in love with our hoopty little home.

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