“Look at this one, Mommy!” It was Friday morning, and Dylan had dragged two pillows to the base of the short carpeted steps from the living area to the family room/crap storage area in order to launch himself into the air and onto a soft landing. It’s the sort of thing he’s done about a million times before (“I’m Felix Baumgartner!”) but five seconds later he was curled up and weeping on the floor, holding his left foot.

Ahhh SHIT, I thought. Not again.

Getting actual medical treatment for his injury was comically difficult — we went to the pediatrician on Friday, who sent us to the hospital imaging center, who didn’t turn back the X-ray results until today, at which point we were sent to an orthopedics center, and finally to a casting specialist — but the end result was a bright yellow/green cast (“You want Ducks colors, little man?” the guy said, and I sent frantic mental vibes to Dylan to choose something a little less eye-bleedingly neon but nooooo, DUCKS COLORS IT IS) and instructions to return in four weeks.

He’s got a fracture at the top of his foot at the base of his big toe, and christ almighty has he ever been a stoic kid about the whole thing. All weekend long he gamely crawled, hopped, or butt-scooted since he couldn’t put weight on his foot, he held about as still as it’s possible for a four-year-old to be for the X-rays and casting, and now he’s galloping around like he’s been wearing a clunky fiberglass boot all his life.

Pulled tooth? Done. Cast? Checked that box. Jesus, we’re on a roll lately.







(The Bone Fairy made another last-minute Amazon order for that stuffed whistlepig. We need to get our shit together around here before I go broke buying guilt presents.)

Doesn’t the title of this post make it sound like it’s going to be a torturous entry that is only tangentially related to a sponsorship? Perhaps a Meaningful Personal Memory brought to you by Old Navy?

Actually, I just wanted a place to share the fantastic gift idea ideas I received via Twitter yesterday when I posted that I was having a hard time thinking of what to get my mother-in-law for Christmas. In case you, too, find certain people to be a shopping challenge, here’s a roundup of potentially useful suggestions:

Charity gift? Donation for schools, ed, domestic violence? Gift cert to local restaurant? Wine tasting class?

Nice candles, gloves, a pretty scarf, fancy coffee/tea.

What about canvas print of great photo? My MIL loved the one we got her. Also once got a custom silhouette of the kids.

Pretty cookbook? Nice soft gloves/hat? Upgraded version of something she already uses? (nicer soap, fancier salt, whatever?)

Uncommon Goods has a great selection of interesting gifts for hard-to-shop-for people.

How about a throw blanket with a photo of the kids? They are creepy but my MIL loved hers

One year I bought mine a bible cover from etsy, another year a tea cozy, still another year an etsy bookmark. One year, custom teas.

Cozy throw blankets, monogrammed tote, slippers, snow globe.

Kyocera ceramic knife set..I’ve gotten this for a few different people and all loved it.

The base model Kindle is a great gift and not horribly expensive.

Hve you checked out Fab yet? Totally different unique gifts for everyone.

Teavana teas and their perfect teapot

Do you know her salon? A gift voucher for a hair cut/something else she does regularly could work.

Necklace with grandkids’ birthstones?

Tickets to an upcoming show or event that she might enjoy?

Set of mugs/latte bowls (Anthro), Smitten Kitchen cookbook, set of classic DVDs (Hitchcock, Cary Grant), monogrammed boat tote?

Cozy throw blanket, new towels, nesting bowls, x-of-the-month club (pasta, chocolate, salsa – check Amazing Clubs), Le Creuset pan?

Scarf? Crabtree and Evelyn Hand lotion kit? Expensive slippers? Spa gift card? Something from personalization mall?

An ornament with her house painted on it? (Ooh, I love this idea. Look!) Or a sketch of the cabin? silhouettes of boys? All I’ve done & all on etsy.

Do you have some awesome gift ideas the rest of us can borrow? Share them in the comments! (I’m kind of geeked about the possibility of having my shopping done early this year so I can chill the fuck OUT during the December craziness.)

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