There’s this section of our backyard where the previous owners once had a large vegetable garden. JB would like to build a shop there someday, but for now it’s pretty much just a barren stretch of dirt and unwatered grass. For the last few days, Riley’s been talking about digging a “well” out there, and I’ve waved my hand in the universal Mom-language of Sure, okay, dig whatever you want, just don’t pester me right now. I’ve seen him working away with a narrow shovel, and I figured there would eventually be a small hole or two to deal with at some point. How much digging can an almost-eight-year-old really do, after all?

As it turns out:

Wait for it ....

Thank you so much for the advice on getting a color correction for my botched highlighting job, you guys. I went to a new salon yesterday where I spent a truly shocking amount of time and money, but the results were worth it. My hair isn’t quite the icy bombshell blonde I’d originally hoped for, but the brassiness is mostly gone, it’s lighter and brighter, and she also got rid of the weird two-tone business I had going on where all the underneath layers were dark brown. VICTORIOUS FIST PUMP!

This is where a savvy blogger with decent self-portrait skills would include a flattering After photo, but here’s all I’ve got for now:

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 2.06.26 PM

One more thing in addition to my gratitude for convincing me to get my shitty hair fixed: The Prowl. The Prowl is a new website launched by CafeMom, and it’s a social shopping site that’s similar to Pinterest. Unlike Pinterest, however, its focus is on specific products that you can purchase, as opposed to DIY projects and recipes and whatnot. It’s also got an ‘Ask & Answer‘ section where users can post questions (“Help me find a comfortable, affordable wedge heel for work!”) or post suggestions to other people’s questions.

I’m currently doing some contract work for The Prowl, but they definitely aren’t paying me to tell you that I really kind of love it and am super-addicted to the Ask & Answer part of the site. That’s just my for real no-shit opinion. God knows crowdsourcing ideas for solving my own small dilemmas has been my M.O. for years, and on the flip side of that coin, there’s something deeply satisfying about browsing through people’s questions and posting my own answers. It makes me feel useful, like I’m some sort of in-demand personal shopper. YOU WANT WEDGE HEEL? I FIND YOU WEDGE HEEL, BRB.

Anyway, check it out if you get a chance — basically everyone I’ve talked to that’s using the site is having a lot of fun. You can follow me here, or check out my boards here. So far I’ve put together four: a collection of mom necklaces, gift ideas for eight-year-old boys (Riley’s eighth birthday is next week, can you believe it?), casual summer dresses you can actually wear a fucking BRA under, and books I’ve been loving lately.


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