A while ago — wow, like over a YEAR ago — I wrote about how JB was working on getting a custom AR-15 lower receiver to market. He hit a big stumbling block when his crowdfunding campaign was rejected, but he persevered. It’s been a long time coming, but as of today Hellbreaker is officially available for purchase through Spike’s Tactical, a well-known gun manufacturer and dealer.

It’s a HUGE milestone for him, and I’m so incredibly proud of all his hard work and dedication.

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 8.53.33 AM

PS: I know many of you are wholly uninterested in guns. I’m posting this not to market the product to you, but to share something that’s been a big part of our family for a couple years now.

Every day Riley and Dylan’s bus is at least ten to twenty minutes late. I’m deeply paranoid I’ll somehow miss it, so I always arrive at the stop at least five minutes early. That’s a nontrivial weekly amount of waiting on my part, but I bring a book and try to pretend like my car is a sort of mini-spa. One filled with repulsive amounts of kid detritus and the faint odor of wet socks.

Anyway, I’ve considered calling the transportation department to ask WTF is up with the forever-late bus — like, at this point why not just change the schedule? But the last time I described a less-than-ideal bus experience I got a very uncomfortable phone call from the school district transportation manager. A short time after our call, I received the following comment on that post:

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 2.58.54 PM

Now, for legal reasons I can’t say where this IP address was tracked back to … but let’s just say I’m pretty sure I know who “Pablo” is.

Startlingly unprofessional management aside, our actual bus drivers are the best. I’m particularly fond of the afternoon guy, whose blood pressure I fret about every time he angrily blasts the horn towards oncoming drivers who ignore his flashing red lights (ie, every driver). Lord, he is mad at those oblivious assholes, and I hope Pablo his boss gives him a raise for it.

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