A few weeks ago I spent an hour on the phone with a wonderfully helpful person at GoDaddy who helped walk me through a number of technical steps to try and fix this website, which was FUBAR’d for unknown reasons. We ended up turning off a bunch of my plugins, because she suspected one might be causing issues with my ancient WordPress installation, and that seemed to do the trick. I don’t think the email notification works any more, though, and lord knows the spam filters don’t do a good job. I should update WordPress because it’s old enough to be susceptible to all kinds of security issues, but I don’t really know how and I’m afraid I’ll break everything.

Sundrymourning.com loads so, so slowly. Images take forever to upload, and they have to be a super specific size or they bust the formatting. And, well, I guess I’m just not motivated to write here like I used to be. Things have changed.

I’m still interested in sharing things online, in ways that are easier to control and manage. I’m on Instagram and Facebook, and if you request a connection and drop me a note (sundry at gmail dot com) telling me who you are I’d be happy to find you that way. (I tightened up on privacy last year after an unpleasant experience with a trolling forum.)

I have a fun little Tumblr where I post recommendations. I started it a while back, abandoned it, and decided to start it up again. It’s called Sundry Buzz, for old times’ sake.

I don’t know if I’ll be back here, but I won’t close the door. It’s been an amazing journey, and I cannot thank you enough, those who reached out and supported me or just came along for the ride for a while. Much love.