Have you seen those articles about how crappy clothes are piling up in landfills? Apparently a whopping 10.5 million tons gets thrown away every year, probably because of places like H&M and Old Navy where you can a massive tub of sorta-trendy mostly-shitty stuff and feel like you saved money, even though it would have made more sense to buy one decent shirt instead of seventy-eight ill-fitting mostly transparent tops with a halfhearted blort of glitter dumped down the front to make it seem dressy.

I am absolutely to blame for at least a third of the landfill problem, I’m certain of it. I tell myself over and over and OVER again: don’t buy clothes at any place with pumped-in music that sounds vaguely familiar because it’s been run through some sort of algorithm that makes every song appealing to harried moms who are just throwing things over their arms willy-nilly, not even bothering to try it on because we all want to delay the magical hope that the $4.99 dress is going to be flattering and not, in fact, look like a moth-eaten barley sack that’s been blasted by a crew of vision-impaired burros trained to stomp on fabric dye dispensers, don’t DO it. If the place selling clothes also sells cat litter and novelty yogurt flavors like “Chunks N’ Flecks: Birthday Cake Batter Surprise!” or “XTREME BERRY D-STROYR,” don’t ALSO buy the leggings designed to look like they have belt loops as if anything called a “jegging” is going to look like anything other than a half-chewed denim sausage casing once you haul it over your shocked, recoiling midsection.

But I never listen to my own self. I have this thing coming up — a cruise! I’m going on a BOAT, you guys! — and I am inappropriately excited about the chance to swan around the deck on formal night pretending like we’re not all terrified of getting norovirus or attacked by pirates or being forced to shit in a bucket for half the journey. And of course I’ve been like, I have NOTHING for a cruise, so I’d better do some shopping! Which is why I’m bringing a suitcase full of Bedazzled t-shirts with necklines that are supposed to be on trend but really just expose one nipple while cutting off circulation in the opposite armpit, along with at least five pairs of cheap pants that promised to do amazing things to my ass but in fact just channel Jessica Simpson’s infamous Mom Jeans look, complete with gapping pockets and a butt crack that rivals the Grand Canyon.

Afterwards, I’ll consider donating everything, but it will have fallen apart/self-immolated out of shame, and thus: LANDFILL WASTE. I am everything wrong with America, including the fact that I figured the best place to complain about this was on my long-defunct blog, which may or may not send out spammy notifications once I hit publish, sorry in advance if you got a penis pill link from me, I promise I am not trying to increase your penis size, I’m sure your penis is just fine the way it is, and if not there’s surely an Old Navy solution to hide your micro-dong, for only $3, plus you can buy makeup in the checkout line as long as you figure an ingredient list that includes freaky synthetic petrochemicals is fine, which I totally do because dude, it’s ON SALE.


A few weeks ago I spent an hour on the phone with a wonderfully helpful person at GoDaddy who helped walk me through a number of technical steps to try and fix this website, which was FUBAR’d for unknown reasons. We ended up turning off a bunch of my plugins, because she suspected one might be causing issues with my ancient WordPress installation, and that seemed to do the trick. I don’t think the email notification works any more, though, and lord knows the spam filters don’t do a good job. I should update WordPress because it’s old enough to be susceptible to all kinds of security issues, but I don’t really know how and I’m afraid I’ll break everything.

Sundrymourning.com loads so, so slowly. Images take forever to upload, and they have to be a super specific size or they bust the formatting. And, well, I guess I’m just not motivated to write here like I used to be. Things have changed.

I’m still interested in sharing things online, in ways that are easier to control and manage. I’m on Instagram and Facebook, and if you request a connection and drop me a note (sundry at gmail dot com) telling me who you are I’d be happy to find you that way. (I tightened up on privacy last year after an unpleasant experience with a trolling forum.)

I have a fun little Tumblr where I post recommendations. I started it a while back, abandoned it, and decided to start it up again. It’s called Sundry Buzz, for old times’ sake.

I don’t know if I’ll be back here, but I won’t close the door. It’s been an amazing journey, and I cannot thank you enough, those who reached out and supported me or just came along for the ride for a while. Much love.



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