So, speaking, um, hypothetically, what would you do if you had a house full of contractors on a Friday when you were home from work and when you went into your one working bathroom you discovered this on the counter next to the sink?


And it wasn’t YOURS? Or your husband’s? Or the dog’s?

(UPDATE: at about 3:30 PM today, the lube mysteriously disappeared.)



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Motherhood Uncensored
17 years ago

Heh. I thought you were doing your product placement for the new KY Warm Mist.

Are they coming back? You should leave a note in the mirror in lipstick.

“I know what you did in here you dirty bastard(s). And I think I need an addition put on my house. For free.”

17 years ago

Hmm. I think I’d stop hiring my contractors from Brokeback Mountain Construction. Hee! OR….maybe he’s got himself one o’ them thar Ooozinators and he just forgot to put away the ammunition after reloading.


17 years ago

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. can’t. breathe.

17 years ago

Well it does say “all purpose” on it ….

17 years ago

Maybe he wants to engage in a threesome with you and JB, and that was his first delicate overture. Subtle, no?

17 years ago

I’d be thinking its time to replace everything in the bathroom… including those curling tongs O_o

Sleepless Mama
17 years ago

When I lived in military family housing, some of the old houses were being torn down and replaced with newer, crappier homes by civilian contractors. A friend of mine moved into her brand-new, never-been-lived-in-before house. Wedged into the tracks for the garage door was a turkey baster.

When she moved out a couple of years later, she was more than willing to inform the housing manager that, as her contract stipulated, she was leaving the house EXACTLY the way she found it, turkey baster and all. No amount of cajoling or latex gloves would make her touch that thing.

Jones Ross
17 years ago

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