August 15, 2006

Yesterday was my stay-at-home-with-Riley day, and instead of hanging around the house I packed up his backpack (ba pa!) and took him to the nearby Kelsey Creek Park, which features a farm with actual farm animals. That was a really good time; Riley was goggling at everything from the pack and I took my camera along to snap photos of this and that. Later I took him to Whole Foods, which wasn’t so thrilling for me, but he definitely seemed to enjoy all the activity and intriguing sights (“Look, sweetie, non-hydrogenated organic vegan butter substitute!”). 

All in all a busy, fun day with the boy. For one of the first times, I felt like I was doing the weekday-mom thing in a way that really worked. Does that make any kind of sense? I just mean it wasn’t boring or frustrating and I wasn’t spending my time trying to keep Riley occupied while I did another beshitted load of laundry, for god’s sake. 

Hey! Speaking of housekeeping, how much am I loving the Roomba? THIS MUCH. I can see how it might not work well in every type of household, but for our small living areas and hardwood floors it does a bang-up job. I set up the house (close doors, move chairs out of the way, set up its little wall-perimeter gadget) and turn it on before I leave. When I get back? Clean, dust-free, hairless floors. Even JB reluctantly admits to the Roomba’s awesomeness, although he remains slightly paranoid about its hidden robot directives.

Dog shares JB’s suspicions, although in her popcorn-kernel-sized brain she’s probably just wondering if it contains Mystery Food Items.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as she has recently learned that certain furniture objects always provide a robust variety of snack options.


Speaking of JB (I hereby declare today Awkward Segue Day!), after watching Jesus is Magic with me on Saturday he confessed to having developed a non-insignificant crush on Sarah Silverman. “She’s hot,” he said, dreamily. So now my husband is in love with a hot girl who’s not only funny as hell (seriously, her standup in that video will make you cry actual liquid tears of laughter. The skits, not so much.) but is SKINNY, too. In retaliation I think I should be allowed one (1) makeout session with…oh, let’s say George Clooney, because not only is he ridiculously, classically hot, but doesn’t Clooney seem like he would murmur something spectacularly witty in your ear before laying into you like his lips and tongue were trained by top secret military kissing operatives?

What else…oh, I was going to ask your opinions on a couple things. Don’t you love being my personal life-advisor? (PLEASE SAY YES.)

Thing the first: can you recommend something new music-wise for me to listen to? I am currently liking Tom Petty’s most recent album but it’s the first thing I’ve bought in months and my iPod rotation is staaale. I like almost any genre so don’t hold back with the suggestions. Save my commute, for I have been forced to listen to Seattle radio lately. Which, ugh.

Thing the second: I’m thinking about getting this dining room set that we saw over the weekend at a local furniture shop. The table is made of oak, and has four black granite pieces on top. The pieces can be removed from the table for cleaning. It maybe sounds weird and I’m not sure if it’s totally ugly or really awesome, but I wondered if granite is easily cracked (by a hot plate, say), or stained? Have you any granite horror stories?

God. BORING. Let’s just go to some baby photos, shall we?

Note the ear-hold going on here. Hee.

People, this kid is going to be walking soon. WALK. ING.

I sure got a lot of shit for buying this pool thingie, but who’s laughing now? Um, well, technically no one is, but Riley’s smiling, by god.

Taken while hiking near Tiger Mountain on Sunday. Our first hike in the woods with the boy, very cool. “Cool” meaning “hotter than Hades”, actually, maybe next time it’ll be more temperate and we’ll last more than twenty minutes.

Finally, proof that we are unfit parents who, by having damning photographic evidence of tossing the boy skyward after a full meal of apricots, deserve every predictable outcome of said tossing episode, including the part that necessitated fifteen Wet Wipes and a healthy application of Pledge Multi-Surface spray.


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