August 21, 2006

When I wrote about the powdery mineral miracle makeup, I received an email that asked if I would consider posting before and after photos of myself. Ha ha HAAAA, I thought. Yeah, right.

Then I changed my mind, because what the hell. It’s not like you haven’t seen my naked belly (Built by Mint Milanos®), and that’s a scarier sight than my unmade face.



Okay, we’ve got eye circles, blotchy redness, and a retarded expression. Let’s see what the makeup can do.


Well! I still look like a dork (I am not lying when I tell you I took 482506 photos and those two are the “best” of the bunch), and my hair is painfully in need of highlighting and, my god, maybe a hot oil treatment or ten? – but the overall face-tone has improved, has it not? I tried to get two photos that used the same angle and lighting, although the “before” shot was taken early this morning and the “after” was taken yesterday evening, so there are some differences. The only things I changed digitally were to crop the images and sharpen a bit.

So there you go, a real-life comparison of the makeup (which I swear I am not being paid to shill). Obviously I am not magically transformed into a dewy-skinned Natalie Portman by wearing it, but it does a nice job of providing even coverage while feeling practically invisible. I don’t care if this crap does have an infomercial, I still love it.

P.S. As you can see, I’m a chronic eyebrow-over-plucker. How does one break this habit? I’d love to be one of those people with perfectly groomed, waxed eyebrows, but doesn’t that require you to let them grow out for like, weeks on end? I honestly don’t think I could do it. Just the thought makes me grab for the Tweezerman.


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Esti Allina-Turnauer
16 years ago

Dear ‘Dork’,

None of us are beauty queens. You are beautiful, whole and complete just as you are.
Allow yourself to love yourself.

I am not photogenic either, and it would take twice as many pics for me to get a good one.

I use the Bare Minerals when I can be bothered to get made up and I like the ease of it and the effects I get.

For you compulsive hair pluckers I’ve been a hair puller of eyelashes and eyebrows for over 30 years. I should say former hair plucker. Feel free to visit my blog about it – I don’t have the pics up yet, but will soon. They’re not flattering pictures, but they are only pictures OF me they AREN’T me.
Here’s the blog address: . I thank you in advance for coming to visit my blog and I thank you for letting me share here.

All the best to my beautiful sisters out there!