November 8, 2006

Riley appears to have some kind of stomach bug. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually wish I were talking about the sort of stomach bug that results in post-traumatic-stress-causing diaper contents. Unfortunately, I’m talking about the kind of bug that sends curdled milk-barf all over sheets and pajamas and my “vintage” Target-purchased Aerosmith shirt.

He’s napping right now, thank Christ, but I fear my day’s fate is sealed: clean up puke, clean up kid, run bath, do massive load of repulsive laundry. Repeat. Oh, and send Dog outside after hysterically admonishing her for trying to EAT BARF off the highchair.


In news that is marginally less disgusting, I have been semi-diligently updating SundryBuzz, so if you’re not already reading (my heart! my achy breaky heart!), here are some recent reviews:

• The Nikon D70S

• TIGI Control Freak serum (LOVE)

• Some kind of appley dessert thing

• Also, an embarrassing correction

Okay, will you help me quit moping about my housebound State of Barfdom? What’s the last really great thing you bought for yourself? Could be anything: food, clothes, music, whatever. Thanks in advance, I am dying for some distractions today.


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