June 7, 2007

I’m feeling this intense desire to read blog comments instead of paying attention to my current writing task at hand, which involves using the annoying terms personal productivity system and, worse, actionable (SHOOT. ME. NOW), so riddle me this, Bat-Reader, how did you get introduced to blogs, or blogging?

My story: in the last part of 2001 JB and I visited southern China; during that trip there was one night when I was hanging around our hotel room waiting for JB, and tooling around on his laptop to pass the time. I can’t explain what happened next, except to say that I was probably feeling a little lonesome for Americana at its finest . . . at any rate, I found myself googling Jean Teasdale, which inexplicably led me to Wendy’s site. I read through all of her archives until it came time for us to head to dinner (where a waiter repeated what I thought was “Chicken hot! Chicken hot!” to me, and I nodded in understanding—hey, I can handle a little spice, my good man—and promptly bit into what turned out to be a chicken heart. Which wasn’t half bad), and from Poundy I eventually discovered many more excellent blogs (well, online journals, as they were called at the time). A few months later, I decided to try my hand at writing on the web, and I’ve been duly blathering away—and reading—ever since.

How about you? When did you start reading blogs, or writing a blog? If you are really feeling generous, you could also tell me how you stumbled upon my blog, because I’d love to know.

PS: if you haven’t seen this video yet, prepare for your day to get about fifty thousand times more awesome. “NOT FUNNY!” Oh, but it is. (Via MightyGirl.)


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16 years ago

Oh, I know you read all the comments, I was just tweaking you. And I’m sure it was moderated because I included links, I would expect that to be an automatic spam flag. Thanks for approving me!

16 years ago

I came over from Kristin’s site too (D&D), sometime early in ’06 I think. (Sure do miss her. ) I think I got to hers from Karla’s (Untangling Knots) who is a real life friend. Hers must have been my first one because she gave me the link. I started mine when I moved from Toronto to England late last year. I’m a newbie. And you make me laugh every day, without fail.

16 years ago

Actually yours was the first blog I ever read, I actually remember the entry I first read too. It was a rant about bra sizes, a topic close to my heart :p
Even back then in my D cup days. I followed your journal sporadically for a few years, but now I check daily… I’ve become quite addicted and now check at least 10 blogs every day and try to write my own.
But you’re still the best :)

16 years ago

I don’t remember exactly when I found your blog. M.Giant of Velcrometer linked to your Lube post and I almost died laughing. I jumped ahead to your current stuff and realized that your Riley is exactly, to the day, the same age as my daughter and have been reading daily ever since.

16 years ago

I think I found your blog through Kalisah’s (http://kalisah.blogspot.com/) several months ago, and rapidly became a fan.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now. I had a free website and was entering little journal entries until they actually developed blog software for the same purpose. The whole point was for me to write about my life in such a way that when I saw Aunt Carolyn at Xmas and Easter, she could ask me about something other than my cats (I’m far too young to be considered a cat lady yet! LOL) Only thing was: she didn’t use the Internet until just recently!

But I love blogging and the community that often builds up between bloggers. I would totally love to see you show up at my next family reunion, Linda! :)

16 years ago

I honestly don’t remember the first blog I came across… It was sometime in 1999. I found you through a link that Rob Rummel-Hudson had on his first blog, before his daughter was even diagnosed with her illness. I think I’ve been reading you for quite a few years.

16 years ago

My story is not nearly as exciting as yours – a friend of mine sent me the link to her blog and I decided, “hey! I can do that!” I started reading your diaryland blog because you were on someone else’s buddy list when I was looking around for new people to read. You made me laugh, thus a fan was born.

16 years ago

MRW got me reading TWoP, through which I found Pamie. Pamie mentioned some blog award nominations, and I found Weetabix, who had been nominated (or won) for best romantic entry for “History” (12-04-03). Weetabix linked to your photo of the “Weetabix Rules” sign on workplace’s fridge. Your blog, like Weetabix’s had me laughing from the start. I forwarded many entries to MRW, including the one about trying on bras, which–oh man–was so damn funny. Then you got pregnant about 6 weeks after me, so that was a nice coincidence. Yours is one of the few personal blogs I still read.
I guess there are a lot of us who started with TWoP and/or Pamie.

16 years ago

I googled an old friends nickname – MsGuided – and thought I found her at diaryland, but it was just a hilarious blog. She had favorites, of which I believe you were one. I still come around from time to time to read how you are doing. You are a beautiful, lyrical writer.

16 years ago

I started in 2002. I was working full time and trying to finish my degree, so wasn’t feeling any inspiration for creative writing for myself. My friend convinced me to start so I would keep my head in a writing space, even if I only wrote a few lines in each entry. Started reading you back when you were on diaryland…probably around the same time.

16 years ago

I guess I ended up here through A Little Pregnant – but I cannot say for sure anymore – you are like that morning cup of coffee….couldn’t get by without it.

16 years ago

LOL, kinda funny Linda that your first exposure to blogs was the same as mine. A person emailed me the Weight Watcher recipe cards that Wendy posted on her blog, and I laughed my freaking ass off. I was hooked. She linked to you and to a few others that I still read: Tomato Nation (Sarah), UncleBob and Lose the Buddha (Erin). I have read you from the get-go, including a few deleted entries, and I can (honestly and semi-embarrasedly) tell you that you have run me through the gamut of emotions–from bawling my eyes out to crying laughing. I haven’t been keeping up with you lately (obviously) and am sorry this comment is so late, but I hope that you still read it. I appreciate you, your writing and your humor. Please keep up the good work!!


[…] PS: This reminded me of one of my favorite comments sections, when Sundry asked where people came from to find her. I was heartened to find so many through TWoP, mostly. Check it out if you’re so inclined. […]

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