July 19, 2007

I just want to say for the record that my husband is sometimes an exceedingly thoughtful lug. For instance, last night after I flopped onto the couch with a giant tired sigh, he wordlessly queued up the latest recording of “So You Think You Can Dance”, a show he would probably normally watch only if the alternative was death by toenail-pulling. And he watched all of it with me, even the judge commentary with that woman whose teeth look like the grill of a Mack truck.

In case that sullies his reputation as Cavemannish Male, though, I should also point out that later in bed he asked if I wanted to “hit it”. Then hastened to assure me he would brush his teeth beforehand, should I so desire.

(Note to anyone hoping to get a little late-night action: brushing your teeth before the Smooth Proposition greatly increases the odds of receiving a positive response, rather than a deflating cackle of disbelief.)


In thrilling remodel news, here’s what our kitchen currently looks like:

That’s looking in from the living room, to a sawdust-filled expanse where once there were walls and cabinets. It’s very strange to see all the way to the end of the house. Also, I’ve given up on trying to stay on top of the dirt. Our house is a dust-choked hovel and there’s nothing I can do about it.

We still have use of our stove and fridge, but without cabinets or countertop power we have a temporary kitchen storage area in the living room. Which Riley has not yet pulled down on his head, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

This alone is going to make up for all the hassle: the beams on the left indicate the new kitchen wall — the back of the fridge shows where the previous wall was. That’s going to make a huge difference in our tiny kitchen area.

Riley is oddly unimpressed by it all.

Probably because he’d much rather be lying around naked with a good book. Hey, I know I would.


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16 years ago

last picture = best naked-baby picture EVER.

16 years ago

my husband has, on occasion, displayed his cavemannish tendencies by asking me if I’d like to “hit it”… and then sweetening that precious deal by offering to brush his teeth AND SHAVE in order to win my favour (god, how I hate 3-day-stubble). Seriously, if men think about sex as many times as the almighty “they” says they do, you’d think it would occur to them that a little personal grooming in advance might help their case!!

Lisa B
Lisa B
16 years ago

I can always tell when my husband has nookie on the brain at night or on the weekend – he bounces into bed and presents me with his clean shaven face … and a big grin. Gotta hand it to the guy, it often works!

16 years ago

Dog looks pissed.

16 years ago

That last picture totally melted my brain. My pregnancy results this month were negative, dammit!

16 years ago

Are the lines on Riley’s ankles from the restraints? LOL JK, he is soo cute.
Also what are the pictures on the fridge? They are all the same size so I’m thinking magnets but did you make them? Give it up!

And the more I think about it, naked with the new Harry Potter, may just be in the plans this weekend……hmmm.

16 years ago

That’s 14-month old daughter’s favorite book!! She carries it around ALL day, shoving it onto people, climbing on their laps, demanding “oof, oof, mama” because that is the sound the puppies make.

What a classic great photo!

I was sad to see Anya go last night – I wanted man-neck Lauren to go. I mean, seriously, she has an adam’s apple!

16 years ago

I loved this whole post. The expression “hit it” seemed so funny. It’s fun to see remodeling photos, especially when they’re startling. It’s fun to see baby photos, especially when the child in question is (1) so cute and (2) so unstartled and (3) so cute; and also (4) naked toesies.

16 years ago

Agree with Rachel — publish that sucker! Hang in there on the remodel — having been through it, I feel your pain, and may I say that your temporary kitchen is much more pristine and organized than ours was… but why am I surprised?

16 years ago

My husband tells me to “hop on” – what a turn on . . .

16 years ago

I had pretty much resigned myself to having a bad day today, but naked Riley with a book totally changed my morning around. Thanks for making me smile!

16 years ago

“hit it”

that’s so much classier than what I typically get – the husband coming into the room (any room) nude and waggling his unit back and forth saying “eh? eh?”

Really, honey.

16 years ago

Riley is such a little pumpkin!!!! I love the last photo–it made this otherwise dreary morning in Atlanta a little sunnier!

16 years ago

Airing out the bum with a good book. I had forgotten the sweet release of being a tot.

Katie (The Yap)
16 years ago

It seems the rest of your house is remarkably intact and liveable during all that. That is amazing! There is nothing better than a new kitchen, so I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.

That “hit it” line is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Hilarious.

16 years ago

I didn’t expect SYTYCD spoilers in the comments! Andreanna, you’ve gotta warn a girl! :) Just don’t tell me which guy goes home – I’m going to watch it tonight.

16 years ago

Good luck with your remodel. After building my house last summer, it’s still not finished, I can relate . After sawdust comes gyp rock dust, even worse in my opinion.

Janet Powell
Janet Powell
16 years ago

Di – thanks for the belly laugh. The waggling ‘eh eh’ come on is too much !!

That pix of Riley has to be one of the best ever.

Janet in Miami

16 years ago

I think my husband’s all-time best line was, “Oh, come on, just take off your clothes.”

Last baby pic is GORGEOUS. What a little cutie.

16 years ago

Come on! If watching “so you think you can dance” isn’t enought to deserve an easy lay, I don’t know what is. I had to watch that last night because my friends girlfriend is obsessed with the show. I have to say, I would like to vote all of them off the planet. Especially those nancy boys trotting about like they just shot up estrogen. After an hour of that mind numbing torture, i would have loved to hit it with somebody. In stead I tried to sleep on a couch while cats used me as their night time sidewalk. (There’s a floor right there, damn!)

16 years ago

That last picture, all he needs is a beer.

16 years ago

Love the remodel shots, won’t it be SO wonderful when you move into all that new space!! BTW, when do the kitchen cabinets get ripped out? Are you putting the old cabinets into the garage? (If not, can I have them???)

BTW, Di’s waggling “eh eh” visual made me choke on my coffee – Ha!!

Pickles & Dimes
16 years ago

That last picture is so sweet! I love seeing little babies and toddlers with a book in their lap, “reading” intently.

So what happens to all the dog and cat hair during a remodel? :)

16 years ago

HEY! I agree Sandy! I didn’t expect “spoilers” in the comment sections! Some warning next time please! Thanks!:)

Sundry, thanks for pictures! That picture of Riley is just too sweet! I can’t wait to see what the kitchen looks like when it is done.

PS Josh:
Those “nancy boys trotting about like they just shot up estrogen” are probably getting way more ass from the girls backstage than you are as a nighttime couch-cat-highway. Maybe you should wonder why all the ladies love them!

16 years ago

Sundry, do you still have your cleaning people coming in every couple weeks?

I love house pictures, in remodel progress or not. I also love naked baby pictures. Who am I kidding, I love all of your pictures.

16 years ago

The entire post was funny. Usually I get a “babydoll, my back is SO dirty – wanna wash it?”

Also, if your second is as adorable as the first, you have totally won the baby lottery.

16 years ago

That naked book picture is so adorable – I love the face he’s making. I hope the remodel isn’t driving you too crazy and gets done soon!

16 years ago

Yeah, the clean-shaven face is always my cue.

My husband has more than once interrupted the proceedings to announce that he needs to go “brush his fangs.”

Seriously, nothing gets a girl going like that…

16 years ago

I thought I was the only one who loved SYTYCD.

16 years ago

Your fridge picture alignment is sort of freaking me out with its insane organizational-ness. In a good way, but whoa.

16 years ago

I love SYTYCD, and my husband watches it with me too. I’m not sure why he likes it, but I bet it has something to do with the costumes! :P

Yay for extra room in your kitchen. I hope that the remodelling goes by quickly!

16 years ago

Hubby occassionally goes into his Beavis & Butthead “Heh, heh, hey beby”. Ugh! Not a turn on. Still cute after all these years- but not a turn on.

Sidenote- did you see that Survivorman starts up again August 10!! Yay!!

16 years ago

I don’t know how you are keeping Riley out of all of the cool tools! I would be going crazy running around screaming “put that down! No. No I say! Damnit – we are MOVING!” – so – how are you doing it????

16 years ago

You know, Riley is really onto something there.

14 years ago

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