September 25, 2007

My iPod feels stale, my nightstand is in need of a good book or five, and my Netflix queue is empty except for the very last Dexter DVD. Help me out, won’t you? What was the last really great . . .

1) . . . book you read?

2) . . . movie you rented (has to be a DVD, don’t go teasing me with suggestions for first-run flicks unless you’re also going to babysit)?

3) . . . music you purchased?

and bonus question,

4) . . . thing you bought yourself?

In the interest of quid-pro-quo-ism, I’ll answer first.

1) If a graphic novel counts, Transmetropolitan, which I’m re-reading from start to finish. Best. Comic. Ever.

2) We’ve been watching a lot of TV series instead of movies lately, but we did see Zodiak a couple weeks ago. It’s really long, but I liked it quite a bit. Strung-out Robert Downey Jr. characters are always a bonus to any movie.

3) Uakti’s Aquas da Amazonia.

4) Underwear. No, really.

Your turn!


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Jen W.
16 years ago

Book: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. FANTASTIC

Movie: you have to see Knocked Up, it’s new on DVD

Music: Lily Allen

Bought: running pants

16 years ago

Book: I gotta second the vote for The Blind Assassin. Brilliant book. I’ve recently read Under the Banner of Heaven (about the fundamentalist Momrans who practice polygamy), Assassin’s Gate (about the Iraq war), Colors of the Mountain by Da Chen (memoir).

Movie: Pan’s Labyrinth and Volver.

Music: Morrissey, Ringleader of the Tormenters.

Bought: shiny silver patent leather flats, which surprisingly go with almost everything.

16 years ago

Oh, also, “The Lives of Others”? One of the most beautiful, moving films I’ve ever seen. Just gorgeous. Definitely worth Netflixing.

16 years ago

I think I can help you out with the grammar question. A song, story, or TV show episode needs quotation marks. A movie, album, or book needs italics. I think the general rule is that shorter works get quotations, and longer works get italics. Hope that helps!

16 years ago

1) Well Sundry has read the last book I read, which was recomended to me by her, and It grew a few dozen cocks in my skull and blew them all at once. The Diary of Indignities by: Patrick Hughes. Get it love it.

One you might like Sundry, is the Alphabet of Manliness by: Maddox. I know that judging by the cover, which features a barbarian punching out a giant gorrilla, you might think it will be so manly that reading it will hemorrhage your precious ovaries into oblivion, but fear not. Actually it borders on that level of manliness, but fortunately the editors watered it down to the point that it would not sterilize our beloved female gender. (since we need ya’ll to spawn new manly men)

2) Disturbia. Watch it. Love it.

3) I steal all my music through the internet. I haven’t bought any for years. Paying the fat cats in the music industry is for suckers. but here are my favorite four that I stole yesterday.
Bjork: It’s Oh So Quiet
Finger Eleven: Paralyzer
Dusty Springfield: Spooky
Love Stink: Gansta Boogie (my personal favorite)

4) Actually I bought myself underwear also. I always though boxer briefs were pretty gay. But lately I can’t keep a pair of non stretchy underwear for a whole week without ripping them in the crotch from all the stretching and leg splaying I do at work. So I broke down and bought something that looked practical and would save me an extra four days of laundry. It turns out that boxer briefs are not only practical and comfy, but they have the added bonus of feeling like you are getting very softly felt up all day long. Shwing!

Sara Moon
Sara Moon
16 years ago

My favorite CD of the moment is the latest (only?) by Regina Spektor. She is SO refreshing!

16 years ago

I’m not sure if you’ll even see this, but just in case you need one more set of recommendations, here goes:

1. Company, by Max Barry, which I think I’ve suggested to you before, and also Museum: Behind the Scenes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Danny Danziger. It’s remarkably compelling, and I’ve stayed up later than I intended reading it.

2. Well, Knocked Up and Hot Fuzz seem to have been covered, so I’ll throw out 30 Rock or Friday Night Lights, which are the two TV-on-DVD sets that may cause me to fail out of law school. (I actually already watched the entirety of 30 Rock over four days this semester when I was really sick and couldn’t get out of bed.)

3. Both of these are currently only on iTunes, but they’re both really good — Harrisons, No Fighting in the War Room (Brit rock) and Coconut Records, Nighttiming (solo project from Max Fischer, I mean Jason Schwartzman).

4. Fancy: A Mason Pearson bristle hairbrush, which is actually as miraculous as everyone says it is.
Less Fancy: Late July sandwich cookies. Holy crap, these are good. And maybe almost kind of healthy!

Brooke Smith
16 years ago

Hi there…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Wednesday

Naomi Thompson
16 years ago

Last book I read was YOUTH IN REVOLT by C D PAYNE… it was entertaining for sure, you might like it. The author is an excellent writer, really good with the adjectives. But, I recommend reading ANYTHING by Haruki Murakami. He is my all time favorite writer. So good. Also I love anything by Paul Auster.

Last DVD… I watched the first season of Dexter too. LOVED it. Was so sad when it was over. Now I’m watching the second season of Weeds. Not as good, but still entertaining.

I’m listening to Universal Hall Pass recently and Ceu, Bebel Gilberto, Fernanda Porto, etc.

Last thing I bought myself? Four velour hoodie/pants combo’s from Victoria’s Secret. Why? Because my ass has gotten so fat as of late I can’t be comfortable in my jeans. LOL

I’m enjoying reading your blog. It’s staving off my boredom while at work. Thanks! I hope to become a regular reader/commenter.

You can check out my blog here – but I don’t write in it as often as you write in yours.

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