September 28, 2007

Out of all of the (really cool) suggestions for boy’s names you guys gave me, only one or two of you mentioned our top contender name, a name I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post and I’m now thinking—after reviewing a LOT of “sounds-good-but-just-doesn’t-click” ideas from baby books and websites and your favorite names and so on—is the name we’re going to go with, because we both like it a lot and now that we’ve expanded our choices and it remains the favorite, it just seems right. I’m feeling tenderly protective of this name, because wow, opinions seem to run hot and heavy with name choices, and I sure don’t want to hear that you think it’s awful or a dog’s name or the same name some random crappy daytime TV host used for their kid (can I just say, to that little factoid: who cares?) or that you hate it so much it makes you throw up a little in your mouth.

I’m thinking it’s far less likely anyone would say that once the baby is actually here and the deed is done, right? So I think it will have to be a little secret for a few more months. Besides, that gives us time to change our mind if we get a wild hair.

(Introducing . . . HORACE!)

(I’m just kidding. I mean, if anyone needed me to say that.)

Thank you, though, for all the great ideas—I really appreciate it and it’s interesting to hear what sorts of names you like. Most of the names were in just the right category for me: a little different, without being outright weird.

I have to keep this short because my internet connection seems very touch-and-go this morning (oh Comcast, yet another arena in which you tend to thoroughly shit the bed with moist pellets of suckdom) but I’ll quickly and dutifully point out that there’s a new post up at Milk and Cookies, and I hope you’ll come visit.


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16 years ago

I trust you and JB to have a lick of sense and not name your child something freaky-deaky. I hate being of baby-borning age right now.

“Melissa’s baby girl is Addison, right?”
“No! That’s Krista’s boy!”
“I thought Sara was going to name her girl Addison.”
“She was, but now she’s thinking Sailor.”
“Sailor? What the hell?”
“Well she doesn’t want anything trendy, she says.”
“And Sailor isn’t trendy? Jesus.”
“Sailor is only trendy if it’s a boy.”
“So what is Mel’s girl’s name?”
“Uhm… Madison. No, wait. That’s Casey’s. I think Melissa’s girl is… Kayla?”
“God help me.”

Eric's Mommy
16 years ago

I can’t wait to find out the name of your new little boy!

16 years ago

Gosh, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have a family who wouldn’t chew up and spit out my chosen baby name. We had names picked out before we even found out the sex (my son’s almost 5 months), and once we knew it was a “him,” we told everyone immediately. I thought it was fun that all my friends were calling my belly “Liam” the whole time I was pregnant. I found it endearing.
That said, I too (like someone else posted) am not one to have my mind easily changed by others’ opinions. So even if my mother had said she hated it and was going to call him sweet-cheeks his entire life, I still would have named him Liam.
I can’t wait to hear what name you’ve picked, and I am suddenly sorry for saying I didn’t like some of the names. Hope I didn’t diss the one you’ve picked. Oops.

16 years ago

“oh Comcast, yet another arena in which you tend to thoroughly shit the bed with moist pellets of suckdom”

A new favorite quote. I am now a loyal subject.

Bitter Betty
16 years ago

They really were great dogs…