Dylan seems to be at a particularly binary stage of babydom: either he’s being ridiculously, almost putridly adorable, or he’s a rotten little hell-beast who should be reclassified as a WMD and parachuted into war zones.

One state begs more camera documentation than the other, obviously:

I realize I’m not capable of being entirely objective over here, but I’m pretty sure he’s cute.

He recently discovered his feet, and I can tell he wants so very, very badly to stuff them in his mouth.

Tonight out of nowhere Riley decided he wanted to feed Dylan and although the execution was clumsy, the little scene was so sweet I nearly leapt from my chair in order to delete this entry, because what madness had I been talking about, everything is so miraculous and amazing and heart-shatteringly beautiful; then Riley had a tantrum and Dylan yelled all during the Obama speech and I was all, oh yeah. But still: SO SWEET.

The reddish hair is killing me lately, ditto the flirty expressions.


Ah, can someone hand me the remote? Please?


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15 years ago

Take it from someone who has generally felt that only her own kids were heart-rendingly adorable. Dylan and Riley are just show-stoppers! They almost make me want another little baby boy (almost).

My “baby” is 11 today. And although he is still adorable, he’s a baby no longer……..sniff.

15 years ago

Dylan is identical to JB! Wow!! And that red hair is soooo adorable.

Jenny H.
15 years ago

Definitely a future heartbreaker!!

And that is absolutely a TRAP!!!!!

15 years ago

Dylan=Mini J.B. :)

I am living your life, except my kitchen needs remodeled and I am not near as cute as you, my children, are as cute as yours, sorry I would like to be objective! ;) Hee.

Mine are 2 1/2 and 11 months. We experience demonic moments quite frequently from the wee one and the 2 yr old. Well, he’s two, nuff said.

Did I mention these are my grandchildren? That my son, a single Dad is in the Marines and won’t be home until October? I know that you don’t get peace for another 18 years but right now, October is like, 20 years away. Especially after the past week! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Dylan totally has the same redness my oldest had at that age and it went away and now is sandy blonde.

15 years ago

I’ve said so before, but I kind of shun babies in life, so all this mommy blogging you do, though often boring as hell when not infused with lots of cussing (just kidding, you rock) is crazy educational. Todays lesson: babies have camouflage nipples. I realize that sounds incredibly pervy, and I apologize, but I just always assumed that little people popped out of their screaming mothers with nipple colored nipples. Go fig. I guess that comes later.

Also, why is your couch so clean and stain free? I’ve been house sitting for my brother ans sister in law for the last (eternity) five days, and not a single day has gone by that one of the animals hasn’t pissed, shat, or vomited all over the carpet … at least once. How can you have a dog, a cat, and two little poop factories running around and have such a clean damn couch. Clearly I am not cut out to be a mother, or own a couch.

15 years ago

A poorly made trap – I suspect Cat created this one alone, with no help from JB. Couldn’t Cat feel the breeze on his/her tail?!

15 years ago

You know what…

I remembered your videos today while i was at home (at work i can not load them) I watched them, and boy is it strange to hear you guys! I keep imagining everyone with a kiwi accent (being a New Zealander myself)and it is awesome to actually your accent, and how different it is to how everybody speaks here

15 years ago

Dylan = adorable. I just want to smooch his chubby little cheeks. And those eyes, yipe, LOOKOUT world.

14 years ago

hey, I’m totally objective here, and he is superbly adorable!