Oh, I am so glad to be home. That whole trip was a bit . . . tedious. I say that thinking of how sometimes I’ll read someone’s blog entry where they’ll mention how their kid was up all night with the barfing flu and how that was kind of exhausting and if you haven’t been in that particular situation before you might think, well, bummer, and move on — but if you have in fact been up during the night with a barfing child you know exactly how utterly horrific it is, how exhausted you are and how your reserves are at an all-time low when the clock reads 3:24 AM and there is barf everywhere, dear god, the logistics of the cleanup job before you is nearly too much to consider and yet you MUST, and there’s that nerve-shattering sound of bathwater cascading into the tub at the completely wrong time of day, and the ominous hum of the washing machine, and you’re worried half out of your mind that your kid has actually contracted some rare African strain of Barf-Then-Die-itis, and you’re thinking, wow, this whole parenthood thing was a really, REALLY terrible idea, and most of all you know that you’ll be repeating the entire process, perhaps as soon as 3:52 AM — anyway, the word “exhausting” doesn’t really cover it, but sometimes that’s all the author can bring themselves to say about the subject.

So: tedious. It was a tedious summer vacation, and I am dying to get back to all my supposedly non-relaxing things like work and freelance projects and even struggling to make it through 20 minutes of 30 Day Shred without voiding my bladder/horking a lung out my right nostril/succumbing to the sweet, sweet relief of death.

Somebody left me a comment once about how family photos are like looking at ducks in the water, how you only see part of what’s really there — all the furious paddling underneath is hidden. I love that, it’s so true, and it’s one of the reasons I love taking so many pictures. It helps me remember and focus on the good moments, and let the memories fade of the churn it took just to make it through the day.










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15 years ago

the cake-licking photo is The Best Shot Of All Time!

15 years ago

Your family is so photogenic, dude. It’s scary.

15 years ago

oh…look at that happy family! You couldn’t POSSIBLY have any stress! (PS – Nice cake.)

15 years ago

And I like looking at your ducks too :)

15 years ago

Dude, this is totally unrelated to this post, but in response to your daily piffle, whatever the hell that is. Someone at your work called you “the Sarah Palin of the marketing department” and you wondering whether to punch them in the balls. To me this seems like a gross misunderstanding. I’m assuming that you thought they were talking about her retarded child having tendencies, or the fact that she’s like a decade older than you, or the fact that she lives somewhere with way too much snow. (although if you work with them they probably also live somewhere with too much snow, ie: Seattle)

But I’m also a man, and I was just commenting on my blog about how friggin amazingly bangable Mrs. Palin is. My exact words were that I would like some of that vice now, and something about running for president of my nads. Whatever, not my exact words, but the point is they were probably trying to compliment you, cause that is one tasty political dish. She’s looks like if Tina Fey, Mrs. Patrelli from Heroes, and Sharon Ozzbourne got together in a lesbian scissor-fest and ended up popping out a gorgeous menopausal love child.

PS – I want cake now, and I want to be allowed to eat it like Riley.

15 years ago

Ha, that’s awesome. Happy Birthday Riley! Happy licking your own cake day! Also, Sundry, you are looking super hot.

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15 years ago

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