The vast majority of the comments I get on this website are helpful, pleasing, entertaining, and basically an utter joy to read. To the very few, though, who took the time out of their busy day yesterday to display their lack of manners, I can only say this: I think I know where you’re coming from, and it’s an ugly, unpleasant place, and I truly hope you find your way out of it soon. I’d tell you to suck a bag of leprous dicks, but I think you’ve got enough unhappiness in your life as is.

In other news, while I was in the midst of navel-gazing about feeling stagnated in my job and pondering my options for the future and how much I’d be willing to change to make change happen and all of THAT happy crappy, my boss up and quit. Things are definitely different now at Workplace than they were, say, a week ago, and while I sure don’t know what it means for the long term — it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll hire a replacement any time soon, is that good or bad? Will my one remaining marketing coworker and I survive the period of time between now and Macworld all on our own? How does this effect some of my goals for 2009? — I feel . . . hmm, it’s hard to describe. Not happy about this situation, exactly, but like at least some small sense of usefulness has been injected back into my machinations there.

I don’t think I’m saying anything here that hasn’t been made common knowledge at my office, but my boss — with whom I thought I had a pretty good working relationship and we got along on a friendly basis just fine — left abruptly, not long after a meeting last week that turned into a bit of a heated discussion between the three of us in marketing. I mean, he didn’t storm out of the building telling me that he hated my coworker and I and our ASS FACES, but man, it wasn’t totally far off from that, either. I know he wasn’t happy and our meeting was surely the proverbial last straw and I don’t blame myself for his departure, but I feel shitty that it ended so badly. I suppose I also feel a little angry and resentful that he chose to write me off so quickly — as a colleague he supposedly respected, as his employee for the past twelve months. It’s so weird, one day we’re cracking jokes in each other’s offices and bullshitting about product taglines, the next he’s cleaned out his desk and left without so much as a goodbye.

Well. So, there’s that.

Since I’ve got nothing but luxurious amounts of extra time on my hands these days, I’ve started writing for a new website. My first post is up today, and some of you may find the blog name familiar. Come by and say howdy!


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15 years ago

E: sorry, the notion that I am somehow not allowed to respond to comments on my own blog doesn’t “ring fair” with me either. I thought a few people acted like ill-mannered assholes on that last entry, and no, it’s not because they disagreed with my personal view on what works for me PERSONALLY when it comes to fitness (JESUS. CHRIST). Think I should have just kept my mouth shut? Well, too bad.

15 years ago

In many diet and fitness and health books, I have read over and over again that it is SO COMMON for people to react NEGATIVELY to your lifestyle change and weight loss. That blew my mind before, I couldn’t figure out why for the LIFE of me anyone would react negatively to something that is all-around positive and empowering. But now I see. It threatens people. Fuck it, right? What can you do!? Keep rockin’ it lady!

15 years ago

I suppose now is not the time to recommend to folks that if they REALLY want to feel svelte, they should try the Pregnant and Puking Diet and give up all this 30-Day Shred/change your eating habits nonsense?

Perhaps that would make people angry enough and/or too distracted to stop caring about this ridiculous rehashed flamefest. Think of me as the flare gun.

15 years ago

I completely agree with Sara’s comment.

You are extremely motivating, inspirational and a damn good writer. That’s why I’ve been coming here daily. And trust me, I’ve never blown sunshine up anyone’s ass and I’m not about to start now.

15 years ago

I agree with E. Well said. The author of this blog is quite hypocritical in that she behaves exactly in the way she condemns. If you dare to say anything that is not complementary you are called out in a nasty way.

Mama Ritchie
15 years ago

Julia, who posted the original comment that spawned such turmoil, didn’t disagree with a position or a comment. She called Linda out for making “blanket judgments” from her “admirably high horse”. All because Linda has discovered a secret for feeling good about herself – one that is achievable by most women in most situations – eat better foods, exercise regularly, and you’ll feel better. It’s not rocket science. But it is incredibly hard to stick to on a daily basis because life gets so full of other things. Julia Capitalized Letters and wrote in ALL CAPS to get her point across that she was pissed and my question is why take something positive and turn it into something negative? I’ve known Linda for a long time, actually I met her before I started reading her blog, so I’m not some drooling admirer kissing her ass because she’s so cool and I want to be her. I have seen her grow into an amazingly confident, healthy individual. And she’ll be the first to tell you that it was a long road that she works on every day. Why, Julia and others, be so fucking catty with your responses when you may disagree with a statement. That nastiness just asks for nastiness in return.

We are women who are trying to balance it all. I get a lot of comfort reading Linda’s words because she’s just sharing a part of her that most women don’t share. It makes me feel less alone. It’s too bad we can’t support one another.

15 years ago


Har. Aaaaanyway, you’ve (and everyone else) convinced me to purchase this DVD, it sounds terrific, and even though muscles in your armpits is a bit of a scary thought, I’m up for it! You’re looking great, Linda, and I want in!

15 years ago

Holy smokes, never in a million years would I guess folks could go ape shit over fitness and eating healthy. I know, how about a blog on a topic less “edgy”, e.g. assisted suicide, abortion or global warming. (Hmm, could global warming really be caused by blowing excessive sunshine up someone’s ass? Eureka!). BTW, I just ordered 30 Day Shred and can’t wait to spit blood once I pop it into the DVD player.

kelly west mars
kelly west mars
15 years ago

I know I already commented today, but I forgot to mention that I cannot wait to see the blog of Dylan’s 1st Halloween! I’m excited to see what him + Riley are going as.

I know, I’m a dork.

Here is a little something to take your mind off people being hateful:

15 years ago


15 years ago

I don’t twitter but I had to respond to your latest tweet: I had poop under the table tonight and mine is still in diapers. She took the damn thing off and popped a squat on the rug under the dining room table and dropped her load. And this was approx. 3 minutes after sitting on (and peeing in) the toilet. Poop under the MFing table. I feel your pain.

15 years ago

Yeah, uh, I hope I didn’t piss you off on the last post Sundry. I know for sure I display my lack of manners every chance I get, and I’m pretty fiery and passionate person who gets riled up into rants fairly easy, so if you think I got carried away and went too far, I’m sorry. I had just got out of court which always leaves me really wound up and tense, and I had a few beers, and for some reason I was looking into politics, extremist nature freaks, and a christian worship music blog site all at the same time, which was like a triple threat of things that get my worked into a frenzy till I just piss in circles on everything around me. I don’t know why I purposely look into things I know will make me mad, but I do, and then I walk around shooting fire out of my face and karate chopping babies and occasionally leaving ridiculous soap box soliloquies on other peoples blogs. Long story short, I’ve never had leprosy or sucked dick, but I am sure I would not like either, and I don’t want you to wish any diseased cock-suckery on me cause with my luck it’ll end up happening.

Sorry about your boss being a dumb fucker, can you ask him to have a chat with my boss and maybe persuade him to quit as well? It’s funny cause I work for a corporation who for some reason feels the need to have a “general manager”, also known as a corporate anal battering ram for their employees. And yet if you look back we’ve actually done much better with our sales and numbers during the six month periods between the revolving door of management. You’ll probably like work with no boss much better. At least I hope so. Good luck.

15 years ago

It’s not about disagreeing with what she said. I took issue with something Sundry wrote once ages ago, but I didn’t get all up in arms about it, because I know Sundry’s cool and never would have meant for it to offend anyone. That lady who commented yesterday could have said something like “It’s great that worked for you, I personally find it hard to do because blah blah, but good for you,” and…I don’t know, taken INSPIRATION from it, but she didn’t, she was rude, completely dissing Sundry’s hard work and making it sound like she shouldn’t brag about it because she’s “priviledged”.

Sorry, I’ll try to stop adding to this…lol

15 years ago

Oh, i´m just choked about all these work you´ve done! It´s really great, and i´d like you to know that i´m gonna broadcast the whole text (not just a few lines) to my department crew next morning! It´s really marvelous!! A little help i gotta ask you, about the quote in the 5th paragraph. You make reference to Jim Taylor (the main researcher) or Major Lewin Hank (the author of the book)? It´s really important you answer me that question ´cause it´s the source of my current work, based in estatistics you mentioned. I hope you make contact soon. Tks!

15 years ago

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15 years ago

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15 years ago

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