Yeesh, came this close to forgetting about today’s NaNoBlahBlah deadline. Allow Riley to provide an appropriate facial expression for the near miss:


I’m zonked from driving, visiting, and turkey, but it’s been a good day. A LONG day, to be sure, but good. I hope you had a nice holiday too, and that your weekend plans include plenty of stuffing-related leftovers.


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13 years ago

well, it’s not turkey day here in Canada, but i did make taters, veggies and about a bucket full of gravy for my supper…no pie though, which is sad.

glad you had a good day, hope the rest of your holiday weekend is good.

13 years ago

Just got a call from my dad who hijacked someones bike IN THEIR BASKET at walmart. “Well, no one was around, and I asked a guy if it belonged to him and he said no, that it had been there a long time”. And it was the last one, there weren’t any more.
Time is subjective, and my dad is 80. My grandson is getting his new bike for Xmas though. Shopping wars.

13 years ago

Food is the last thing on my mind as I was, um, kinda sorta really proposed to as we sat down to eat. Today consists of squeeing at inappropriate times and heading to Target like a fool to do some shopping. Bah! I must be nuts… Then home to put a dent in my NaNoWriMo word count. Oh, and definitely more squeeing :)

13 years ago

LOL… Yeah, its easy to forget about NaBloPoMo on Thanksgiving! My trick was to post first thing in the morning yesterday, so I could put it out of my mind forever! Or at least until today!
BTW, Tag, you’re it! Visit my blog to see!

13 years ago

I think you NaBloPoMo-pers should get a pass on a holiday where you’re driving and traveling and out of town with kids! I’m impressed you put up something, and a cute photo no less!!