I was feeling decidedly Grinchy about the holidays a few weeks ago — probably because at that time we still had tentative plans to travel back to Oregon in December, which have thankfully been scrapped in favor of staying in Seattle — but now I’m doing all sorts of ridiculous shit like listening to Christmas music on purpose and buying gifts when there’s PLENTY of time yet to panic and pay rush charges.

I’ve even been wrapping presents, which is a strange exercise in psychology. No matter how many times I do it, I always think it’s going to be an enjoyable activity, and it pretty much never is. I always think that this time I won’t be so terrible at it — I won’t get wads of dog hair stuck in the tape, I’ll be able to do those neat end-box folds, and I’ll measure the paper correctly instead of having to hack at one end once it’s halfway wrapped — but no: every time, my presents look like they were assembled in a mental institution during art therapy, and the entire process makes me vaguely despairing and wishing I’d bought some of those fancy gift bags instead.

JB is secretly jealous of our neighbor whose yard is ablaze with electronic cheer (every time we drive by their house, JB mumbles darkly under his breath and rushes off to buy more LED strings), and I have this seemingly bottomless desire to frill up our house with decorations. I’m not sure what’s going on, but if you catch me perusing a goddamn fruitcake recipe, please slap some sense into me.













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15 years ago

Love your photos!! Did you get a macro? I think I might have to have one of those. I jsut got a DSL and am desperate to get better at using it – slowly I am getting off the “auto” bandwagon.

I actually love to wrap! I watched, in utter fasination, my grandmother wrap her 100 plus gifts when I was little – she had the program down to an artform I’m tellin’ ya. She managed to teach me the tricks of the trade and I manage a very good wrap job indeed. Next time I’m in Seattle I’ll drop by for a little tutorial if you’d like ;o)

Merry Merry – and i’m a bit envious that your guys are little ones (mine are all grown up) – nothing like Christmas seen thru the eyes of children.