My SXSW recap, in brief: good panels, fun town, spectacularly terrible American Airlines customer service. Let me just say this: the trip was worth my while, but if I could do it over again I would definitely have tried harder not to lose my fucking wallet on Saturday. Coming home from Austin with no money and no I.D. was . . . not a good time.

The interminable hours of asshole-laden air travel were tempered almost immediately by the two feetie-pajama’d imps who greeted me at the door last night, though. Riley was hopping up and down and loudly wondering if I’d brought him anything (no, but that’s what swag bags are for, am I right? An Adobe-branded iPhone cozy becomes a tiny toy-sized sleeping bag just like that), Dylan was making his gorilla-like BABY IS HAPPY hooting sounds and scampering back and forth, pointing with great interest at my suitcase (ha, you and TSA both, kid) and begging to be picked up.

Sometimes it’s nice to go away just to come back, you know?

I was so wiped out last night I could barely stand the thought of having to deal with wee-hour sleep training issues, and you know what happened? With the exception of a single short bout of unenergetic fussing which required no intervention, Dylan slept straight through the night. JB reports that on Friday and Saturday he went in just once and patted Dylan’s back a little, after which he stayed quiet until morning, so — well, I hesitate to say this for fear things will immediately take a Turn for the Worse, but it appears things are going well in the sleep department.

I have a question, though, because it’s inevitable this will come up, and probably soon: what do you do when you have an illness/teething-related sleep regression? If he’s waking up because he’s uncomfortable or sick, should I go back to our old habits (bottle, rocking chair) to help soothe him? I’m guessing that doing so would basically set the entire process back at square one, but I have yet to experience a sick baby in the middle of the night under this new regime of No Bottle/Minimal Comforting.


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by: sooboo
15 years ago

Just wanted to add that I too hate hate American Asslines. They forgot my handicapped mom in a hallway and she missed her flight. They would not give me anything to make up for that. I didn’t fly them for three years. When I flew them again, I had an eticket, their personnel made me get in the (longer) paper ticket line. When I protested, she threatened me with arrest! I missed my flight (and a wedding rehearsal)and they would not give me anything to make up for that either. Bastards!
Should write excellent post. Can’t wait to reading your next one!

15 years ago

I’m sure everyone else said the same thing, but if Dylan is sick and awake in the night, go in and comfort him (back patting or whatever it takes to settle him) but no bottle. He’s accepted that he doesn’t need it, so giving it to him while he’s sick would just piss him off MORE when you take it away after he’s well. Or so says me.

15 years ago

You can fit THREE polly pockets in the adobe cell sock thing!