Dylan has a lingering cold with a hacking sort of cough that keeps triggering a Mighty Gag Reflex Barf and his sleep—which I owe you a follow-up on after all that talk about sleep training but suffice to say after a bumpy beginning of cutting out the wee-hour bottles and trying different comforting techniques and eventually just letting him cry his fool head off for a couple nights, the last two weeks or so have been a wondrous series of twelve hour stretches with no wakeup calls and he’s been much, MUCH happier in the mornings and it has been the best thing ever—has gone to hell because whenever he lies down the post-nasal drip gets him coughing all over again. It is a most tragic bummer and I’ve tried every trick in the book including steamy baths, slathering Vicks on the soles of his feet, and gently blowing a steady exhalation of marijuana smoke up his nostrils, but nothing much helps. I feel sorry for him, and I also feel sorry for myself, since I had to clean barfed-up hotdog pieces which emerged fully unscathed, still in the small coin-shaped slices he had eaten more than two hours earlier, and by the way, that’s kind of fucked up, right? My god, what kind of preservatives can so thoroughly resist the digestive processes? Hotdogs: you are on notice.

In much happier news, we finally—FINALLY!—got some actual springlike weather and I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been to feel the warm sunshine and spend some time outdoors as a family. High points of our weekend:






And, of course:



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Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

Oh, poor both of you! I hope he’s feeling better soon!!!

And cool about the weather =)

Anonymous New York
15 years ago

That picture of Riley is unbelievably cute! Sorry, no cure for hotdog puke or post nasal drip. I was a puker as a kid and am still a perpetually nauseous adult. Hopefully Dylan grows out of it.

15 years ago

I know you’ve mentioned this before but what kind of awesome camera did you use for these shots?

15 years ago

Love the look of concentration on JB’s face as he’s jumping!!

Just a thought on the nasal drip thing… I used to pop a pillow underneath the mattress to slightly prop the mattress up. It angled the bed without needed phone books underneath the legs of the cot, meaning the drip was able to drain and didn’t irritate so much. Meaning less wakeup calls.

15 years ago

I love the picture of JB most because of Riley in the background. Like he’s studying for when he can leap giant objects in a single bound.