I was kind of hoping for a nice upbeat week after the drudgery of last weekend’s endless traveling and myriad associated ass-pains, but first JB came down with a miserable cold (which came on at his mother’s house and I had to keep reminding myself that when my sons are grown men I too will probably still think of them as my baybees and may even possibly fret to their wives over their every sniffle and moan but still, there is only so much eye-rolling a person can be expected to hold at bay before they experience something like a total system meltdown complete with a sarcastic diatribe about how I’d spent the entire night with 9 and 1 dialed on my cell phone, breathlessly waiting to hit that second 1 the moment his condition deteriorated, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR) and has left him a hacking, ague-ridden husk of his former self, unable even to muster the energy to ask me if I needed my own temperature taken orally or via backdoor meatstick; then Riley got sick as hell and ran a scary fever and couldn’t sleep and oh yeah, barfed all over the backseat of my car; then I had a routine checkup for Dylan this morning that resulted in an unexpected ear infection diagnosis and a motherfucking amoxicillian prescription, AKA the Pink Stuff You’re Supposed to Get Down a Resistant Baby’s Gullet Twice a Day for How Long Wait Say That Again Are You SHITTING ME TEN DAYS?

Hi! Dosing syringes make me puke, so THIS ought to be interesting!

I remember when I thought it was stressful to go to the pediatrician when I had one child. Who was in a carseat. Now I have to keep one eye on Riley who’s beelining for the chalkboard in order to scribble giant screechy letter Rs all over it while yelling LOOK MOMMY R FOR RILEY AND ALSO ROCKET!! and the other on Dylan who oscillates between staring openmouthed at the fishtank and making a break for the front door because hey you know what’s more fun than a giant room full of unfamiliar toys a BUSY PARKING LOT.


Riley seems to be on the mend, but his mood is fractious and he’s about one serotonin level away from filming himself doing the ugly cry about how we all just need to leave Britney alone because she’s not well right now.


I only made it to work one day this week while we’re in the midst of a busy project, my house looks like it should be featured on one of those Dateline specials about pathological hoarding, and I suppose I should be happy it’s Friday but all I can think is we have the whole weekend to go still and I am le tired.

So! I’m holding out major hope this weather forecast isn’t bullshit, because RAIN TAPERING OFF sounds pretty damn good to me, in every sense of the word.



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9 years ago

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