I think the cool thing to do is to wait until you’ve finished a book, maybe even found a publisher, before announcing that it exists. At least this seems to be what I’m familiar with—someone will all of a sudden be like, here’s my big news I’ve been so excited to tell you all about! I wrote this 167,000 word novel in my spare time and if you’d like to come see me on my book tour I’ll be in Atlanta July 5th. Oh by the way I also had another child and I lost 50 pounds, now we’re all caught up!

I’m not that cool, though, so instead I’ll tell you that I have maybe started a book. Mmmaybe. I don’t know. I’ve written, like, three-quarters of a chapter. Well, assuming I know how long a chapter is, because really, I DON’T. You know what I know about writing books? Huh! Good god, y’all. Absolutely nothing.

After years of muddling around thinking about the goal of book-writing but not writing one solitary word, I finally just opened up a text document the other day and said to myself, self, you are going to start typing, and whatever comes out is IT. I’m not going to get hung up on trying to think of some creative new spin on a collection of salty parenting anecdotes, I’m not going to tell myself that I have to have the entire story figured out, I’m not going to think about what has a better chance of being marketable, I’m not going to worry if one of the characters is has a terrible name, I’m not going to spend five days mouthbreathing over a good opening line.

What I ended up with is the beginning of a story that I have no idea if I can finish. It’s not about parenting or zombies or a 35-year-old woman living in Seattle with her family, the only three subjects I figure I’m semi-qualified to write about. The main character is a teenager, which may be a horrible mistake because, uh, see also: 35-year-old woman.

(JB: “So what’s your book going to be about?”

Me: “Um, I’m not sure yet. A sort of young adult coming-of-age story, maybe.”

JB: “Like Twilight?”

Me: “…”

JB: “That’s young adult, right?”

Me: “Okay, then yes. It’s exactly the same! Yes, I think this will spiral into a massive pop culture phenomenon and I’ll write three more books and all four will be on the best-seller list at the same time and I’ll sell 22 million copies and a movie franchise in one year alone.”

JB: “Nice. But are there vampires?”

Me: “No.”

JB: “Ohhh. Well, then.”)

Writing something that’s supposed to contain an actual plot makes me feel as though I’ve gotten behind the wheel of a car I am only barely capable of driving. There are some roadside attractions I have in mind, but how do I get there? I can’t even steer this fucking thing. As for the end of the road, I can’t begin to see it. It’s covered in fog. Or locusts. Or a giant pile of jam! Who knows!

I’m worried that I’ll get a decent way into this thing and decide it’s just too awful to continue. I’m worried that only being able to work on it in little tiny stolen moments of time here and there will make for a disjointed, crappy storyline. I’m worried that it would be crappy even if I went to some special nurturing writer’s retreat in the woods where people spoke in hushed voices and we all had Silent Creative Totem Animal Time from 9-6. I’m worried that if I fail, I’ll lose that little dream that has lived inside me for so long, the part of me beneath all the self-sabotage that secretly thinks I could maybe write a book someday, and what then?

Also, I’m pretty sure my main character has a terrible name.

But anyway, it’s started. We’ll see where it goes.


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Audubon Ron
14 years ago

Gosh, I just don’t read much anymore. I think the computer changed all that. I’m into gigabite speed soundbites. If you can write a chapter even, that’s way big for me.

Like the boy from Slingblade. In deep southern accent, which I have, “I like the way you write” and love to read your stuff but I haven’t had a dose of like 25 pages of it.

I don’t know. Maybe this could work.

Can like I get a sample?

14 years ago

If your book only had 10 pages, 5 of which were illustrations, was hardbound and selling for 29.99, I’d still buy it. Cause you’re an amazing writer.

Then I’d tell all my friends how amazing it is so they’d all buy it too!

Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do great!

14 years ago

Yay, that’s so exciting! I think it’s good that your writing about something “new” although I’m sure you’d write one killer of a Zombie book.
Woohoo, Sundry is writing a book, am doing a little dance now!

14 years ago

Yay for you! I will buy it for sure, no matter that I’m nowhere near the target audience’s age. Also, will it be full of your trademark expletives? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure teenagers swear in real life so hey, why leave them out?

14 years ago

Silent Creative Animal Totem time…. for that reason alone, I’ll buy the book.

And, there’s your title. Working title, at least.
I’m in the same boat. Want to write the next GAN, but don’t have the time or the storyline. YET.
Good luck!

Also – wouldn’t you love to be inspired like Stephanie Meyer? The woman is rolling in bank, wrote a readable series, and got to hang with one of the hottest men on the earth. Yes, I covet.

14 years ago

Make you a deal……I’ll keep encouraging your writing, if you nag me to get off my ass and START writing. I’m 48, have been whining about taking time to write for years, but I let everyone and everything interfere. At least you’ve made a start…..Bravo!!

14 years ago

Just write. Something will come out. I worked for years (ten, so far) on a (still unfinished) novel. Then my friend said, “Come do NaNoWriMo with me! Let’s write a novella in 30 days!” and I was all, “30 days? I’ve been ten years on this other thing and hey? It’s only 30,000 words and it has gaps and how am I supposed to do something whole in 30 days?” But you know what? I stole moments at work and late at night after the kids were in bed and I wrote that novella in 20 days. It is not the Great American Novel. I don’t even know that it’s marketable as a Guilty Pleasure Beach Read. But I did it. I may never publish it, but I finally wrote a whole thing. If I hadn’t also had a baby last year, that book would be my proudest moment. And all I did was sit down and write. Don’t overthink the first draft, just get it down. My characters surprised me and I got some great moments out of letting the writing flow through me.

Jesus, do I EVER shut up?

Anyway, I think you’ll do great. But first, do. Don’t think too much. You’ll psych yourself out.

14 years ago

when you feel stuck, go pick up a copy of ‘The War of Art’. it helped me.

14 years ago

You take your time with that book.

I am here. I will wait.

14 years ago

every time I’ve decided to write a book (which means that I sit down and write 3/4 of it and then get bored and can’t figure out an ending and quit) the main character has ALWAYS been a teenager. not sure why.

good luck!

14 years ago

I was browsing the Real Simple website today & clicked the link to this blog – http://www.happiness-project.com – and she had a post that made me think of your writing plight – http://tinyurl.com/r44p8x
Especially Tip #7: “Remember that lots of good ideas and great writing come during the revision stage. I’ve found, for myself, that I need to get a beginning, middle, and an end in place, and then the more creative and complex ideas begin to form. So I try not to be discouraged by first drafts.”
You also mentioned that you can’t begin to see the end – why not try skipping to the end then? Who says a book has to be written in order? One of my favorite authors mentioned once that she writes scenes, then ties them together later (http://www.dianagabaldon.com/ – click on Writer’s Corner).
All this coming from the girl who can never turn off my inner-critic and hasn’t tried creative writing since high school… *sigh* But I wish you much luck and success! Can’t wait to hear more about it! (hint hint)

Tammy K
Tammy K
14 years ago

I would love to buy one of your books Sundry!!

14 years ago

Yay, you! I have a maybe possible OMG children’s book idea (series?) rattling around in my head, and maybe someday I’ll actually try to write something down instead of giggling to myself at the illustrations I think should accompany different parts. Har.


14 years ago

My favorite genre is “Coming of Age” novels, especially if the heroines are either Dysfunctional or Southern with “Bad Names.” I am adverse to vampires and zombies, but could possibly be persuaded to pick up a book, here and there, just to assuage my curiousity about all the “hype” (aka the DaVinci Code, Twilight, etc.)

I almost purchased the first Twilight book the other day (despite my disdain for anything involving vampires), and my 10-year-old daughter (who should be BEGGING me to buy this book for HER), looked at me with utter comtempt and disgust and called me a “Poser.”

Yeah, so leave the vampires and zombies out of it and don’t get “too” popular, so I can buy your first novel without my judgmental “Tween” making me feel like a schmo.

14 years ago

Long time coming, really, and I think you’re going about it the right way. DON’T overthink things. Nothing worse than reading a book in which the overthinking is so obvious you can practically see the writerly wheels cranking away painfully between the lines of text.

But I hear you on the whole plot thing. I’ve always said if I could just get someone to think up a plot for me, I’d have no trouble filling out the scenes. No takes so far, though. Harrumph.

(I still think your parenting poetry has a place on gift book shelves across America and *sshhhh* I just might have some publishing connections…)

14 years ago

“Writing something that’s supposed to contain an actual plot makes me feel as though I’ve gotten behind the wheel of a car I am only barely capable of driving. There are some roadside attractions I have in mind, but how do I get there? I can’t even steer this fucking thing.”

I’m not a writer, so this might be a “well, duh, EVERYONE knows to do that…” suggestion, but what about jotting down an outline of the story idea you have so far? The actual writing might steer you a completly different direction, but maybe it would help make the fog, locusts, jam, or whatever else might be looming out there, a little less intimidating? I’d think filling in the details might be a bit less daunting if at least a few broad strokes were in place. Have I mentioned I’m not a writer? So of course, I really have no idea… Good luck! And you have plenty of people who will want to read anything you write!

14 years ago

Listen to the little voice inside! At least your first book will be on the bestseller list in no time with all of us secretly wanting to be you. Of course, if it really sucks and you disappoint all of us you will be a one hit wonder. : )

KIDDING!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. YOU ROCK, YOU WILL ROCK! Your many followers will be accepting and thankful for whatever you provide us with.

14 years ago

It’s simple; you just have to write a book. Because I refuse to live much longer in a world that contains books by Stephanie Meyer and not you.

14 years ago

Congratulations on starting! You are a very talented writer already. Another recommendation besides Bird by Bird is On Writing, by Elizabeth George. I found it a combination of daunting and inspiring. She really lays out the mechanics of writing–how do you create a character with a believable backstory? How do you get a person to enter and exit a room naturally? And many, many other little details that make up the story. George is extremely organized and practical (not my strengths)and I think some of her advice is invaluable. Good luck!

14 years ago


I think you wonderfully articulated why so many of us stop short of writing the story we carry around – because what if it sucks? And the answer should be, so what? We’ll never know unless we wrangle ourselves still and figure it out. Even if it’s something that doesn’t *sell* it’s still worth trying! And for the record, I want to buy whatever you do write!

14 years ago

Your description of being in a car, with no idea of what you are doing, and no idea of how to get from one spot to another, summed it up perfectly. I started a novel almost a month ago, and I feel like that all the time. Lol. I don’t think it changes as you get further into the story. You just have less places to go, so it seems a little less frustrating. It’s like shopping with toddlers. The fewer stops you have left to make, the better you begin to feel.
There are hundreds of books out there about writing, writing better, and even picking names for your characters. But the hardest part is still getting the words out. Let it suck. That’s what editing is for. :)

14 years ago

I’ve started a book too – but about halfway through I realized a plot might be a good idea and oh yeah, I have no clue how to write a book and my endless babble might be entertaining to family but not so much to an agent/publisher/reading public. So then I spent a lot of time reading about how to write…some of it is good, a lot of it is just personal opinion and I figure just because it works for them doesn’t make it gospel so who cares –

I have faith in you – and I’m sure your book will be a great read…they’ll make a movie…it’ll be a series…and you’ll live happily ever after. :)


14 years ago

Oh, thank god someone else does this. You’ve described my exact writing technique – open word document and start typing and hope it all works out somehow. So far, this method has yielded documents like “dwarf with whiffle bat” (yeah, seriously) and “random historical novel that probably needs some damn research already.”

When you finish, let us know. Would love to read it.

14 years ago

Sundry — keep at it! And good luck!
I went to a book reading by Neil Gaiman and while he said many a thing that blew me away, the one I remember most is him saying that though he forced himself to write every day, and some days the writing was crappy and hard, and some days it was flowy and golden, by a couple weeks later, looking back over his work, he couldn’t tell which parts had been written when.
Have faith in your voice — it’ll turn out great : )

11 years ago

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10 years ago

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Our theme was Built Environment , which refers to human-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity. This includes buildings, parks, cities, neighbourhoods and their supporting infrastructure water supply, energy, IT and telecommunications networks. In other words, engineering. mens polo shirts 鈥淚t was flying. It was flying. I would guestimate it somewhere between 70, 80 mph,鈥?he said. 鈥淎ny judge with any sense that can put a (Highway Patrol trooper) on the scene of an accident with his pistol drawn running toward a vehicle, he can put two and two together.鈥?
Lynden Sculpture Garden:Experience art in nature through its collection of more than 50 monumental sculptures sited across 40 acres of park, lake and woodland. Tours and classes are available. 2145 W. Brown Deer Road. lyndensculpturegarden.org. north face sale Supply issues
y The two have looked sharp and hungry during pre-season, Emnes particularly so. The Dutchman struggled for a variety of reasons last season, but he has looked like a man intent on recapturing the sort of form which earned him 18 goals a year earlier. abercrombie kids Eboracum MC Kay Trophy Trial, Moor Farm, Ouseburn, 11am.
Coarsely ground pepper coach handbags Remember to discuss floral arrangements, centerpieces, candles and other decorations with the reception hall manager and caterer to define who provides these. Favors for each guest, placed by the table setting, are popular. Suggestions include candies, small frames, instant cameras. Another personal touch is to set up a photo display or show a videotape depicting the couple’s childhoods or courtship. y lv handbags
I mentioned an increase in Barn Owl sightings last month and this continued with reports of birds near South Otterington and Hutton Magna and two seen at Nosterfield. http://www.louboutin.eu.com Ozanne said Dane County prosecutors usually side with requests by the state to extend supervision for those in prison or on probation. But this might not be such an easy call if offenders couldn’t pay restitution only because officials divert dollars to pay the state fee.
k But many who attended the funeral had never met the Sassoons but came to show their support. They crowded around the 7 hearses as the motorcade departed for JFK where the caskets would be loaded onto a plane for Israel. http://www.louboutin.eu.com First impression lasts longer System breached in hospitals f
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“He produced that on Saturday on the Premier League level and now we鈥檝e got to see more of that this season. http://www.hollisterco.eu.com COMEBACK. I wrote it when I was 16, so it鈥檚 a few years old. I鈥檝e always loved the track, but I never knew how people were going to respond to it. It鈥檚 got a very strong meaning, people can really relate to it.
鈥淪tadiums, I love them, especially when the weather鈥檚 on our side, when God joins the band,鈥?Richards said. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really nice to play indoors and auditoriums with a controlled environment, but at the same time, it鈥檚 a different feeling playing outside, especially stadiums … It鈥檚 a looser feeling. coach outlet store online He affirmed that the current situation represents a new stage for a national u http://www.abercrombiekids.eu.com
Moors left-back Steve Capper had unnecessarily squared the ball midway inside his own half towards Tait, who was beaten to it by the Northwich player kate spade outlet 鈥淚 was delighted he got his first goal on his home debut. He had threatened to score with three or four chances beforehand.

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cD5IZSBoYXMgbGltaXRlZCB0b3VyIHN0YXR1cyBhZnRlciBiYXR0bGluZyByb3RhdG9yIGN1ZmYg Cheap Air Jordan Shoes The sisters were last seen on March 25, 1975, at the Wheaton Plaza Mall near their home, where they went to shop for Easter decorations and eat lunch. According to the indictment unsealed Wednesday, they were kidnapped and taken to Bedford County, Virginia, about 200 miles away, where they were slain sometime between the date of their abduction and three weeks later. g P90x Workout Schedule
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However, the reserves may have started falling as the sanctions have cut oil exports. Iran’s monthly sales of crude oil, its major source of hard currency, may have dropped by nearly half in the course of this year, analysts have estimated. True Religion Outlet 鈻?Christopher Columbus for bringing the sweet potato from the West Indies back to Spain, enabling European settlers later to return it across the ocean and start planting it in the South. k Oakley Outlet
The firm is in the process of taking on 13 people, from PhD level down to degree-qualified engineers, and is also focused on recruiting apprentices to secure its next generation. Michael Kors Outlet OnOpening Day Monday, April 6 vs. the Colorado Rockies all fans in attendance will receive a Brewers magnetic schedule.
a 鈥淭he wind dictates a lot of things, too,鈥?he said. 鈥淵ou can get 3- to 4-foot waves. Guys have broken their windshields off their boats. Other times it鈥檚 as smooth as glass. You never know.鈥?Michael Kors Ciccolo said he would get the pressure cooker and other bomb ingredients, inspired by the bombs used to kill three people and injure more than 260 in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, O Regan said. Michael Kors Outlet
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Age-based categories will start sequentially about every 10-15 minutes raybanglasses.onlineoutlet.us.com Although xenophobia is not limited to health workers in Gauteng, refugee rights organizations in other provinces, including Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, told IRIN that they had not heard cases of refugees and asylum seekers being charged upfront for hospital treatment. e Gucci Factory Outlet
Among Darlington鈥檚 118 goals in all competitions were some crackers, Portas鈥?opener in a 2-1 win at home to Brig being the best. He nicked possession on halfway, drove powerfully through midfield before blasting beyond the keeper from 20 yards. His curling effort Lancaster, when the ball was heading two yards wide before swerving into the bottom corner, is also worthy of recognition. http://coachstore.onlineoutlet.us.com Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (right) shakes hands with Yang Zhenwu (left), president of People’s Daily.
That’s because the 2004 turnout was so extraordinarily high – one of the highest recorded by any state in modern history – that it was going to be difficult to match in 2008. The GOP turnout achieved by President George W. Bush in 2004 proved especially hard to match. The falloff in Wisconsin between the total Bush ’04 vote and the ’08 vote for John McCain was the third highest in the nation, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis. Air Jordan Shoes Professor Hall says it underlines the need for a continuum of services, rather than thinking about health as hospitals on the one hand and primary care on the other.
Rebecca Ryan is a Madison-based entrepreneur who, when she鈥檚 not helping clients figure out the future, is working to make Madison an even better city. Burberry Outlet Meanwhile, O鈥機arroll鈥檚 older sister Eilish plays Mrs Brown鈥檚 best friend, Winnie.
Sophomores and have decided to leave the Marquette men s basketball team and will transfer, coach Steve Wojciechowski announced Tuesday. http://www.raybanoutlet.net.co Coleman used to do a good trade, but then Ebola came and infected bush meat was suspected of being the source.
j This man is a joke it is jobs that will bring people to the town not housing. Mallon was instrumental in demolishing good homes all over Middlesbrough particularly central Middlesbrough. The town centre needs investment people need to be encouraged to live there not on the outskirts. Business is a must for the town centre that’s what needs to be encouraged. http://burberryonline.outletstore.us.com 鈥淣ewcastle is a very exciting marketplace,鈥?he says. 鈥淎s a market, it鈥檚 becoming more sophisticated. I鈥檝e noticed that after being away for eight years. It鈥檚 maturing and expectations are higher. People know how a cocktail should be made and how it should taste. We鈥檝e got to make sure that we鈥檙e delivering the best and moving that market forward.鈥?
She was a brave woman who accomplished a lot for other people at tremendous personal expense, said Robert Blondis, one of the lawyers who took on her case. Ray Ban Sunglasses Torbica tied the game with his 20th goal of the season on a breakaway at 5:28. The senior forward won the faceoff at his team’s end, quickly made a break and got a pass at center ice from defenseman Thomas Aiken. Torbica made a couple of feints against Disrud and flicked the puck past goal to tie it. s Ray Ban Outlet
paulwk1972 Coach Outlet Store Online Life-size games: Traditional games like badminton and croquet are great, but some vintage indoor games have grown into mega outdoor games. You can find giant-size chess, checkers, scrabble, dice, Twister and huge Jenga blocks online, as well as almost every type of giant ball. Just picture your pint-size picnickers kicking and tossing around something twice as big as they are.
h “Sikorsky is a natural fit for Lockheed Martin and complements our broad portfolio of world-class aerospace and defense products and technologies,” said Marillyn Hewson, Lockheed Martin chairman and CEO in a statement. Gucci Factory Outlet Everyday behaviour could be considered family violence, he said, including yelling at each other in a threatening way, and repeated exposure to lower levels of violence could also do harm. s
House sellers’ asking prices across England and Wales jumped by 0.9 per cent month-on-month in September to reach 拢264,875 on average across England and Wales, marking the first time since 2011 that prices have increased at this time of year. Michael Kors Outlet Online The plant, which is constructed under build-operate-transfer contract, will help increase the power supply, create jobs, promote economic development and improve people’s livelihood, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission of China Hu Zucai said before the opening ceremony of the construction of Vinh in Hanoi, July 18. P90x Workout
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It is like watching schoolboys hoofing the ball up the pitch . He takes big players off against a big team and puts on players who are about the same height as a toddler ! Ray Ban Glasses This was the last batch of a 46.1-billion-yuan fund designated for poverty relief from the central budget this year. The sum was 8 percent more than that of 2014, the ministry said in a statement on its website.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that the federal government has approved the installation of sensors at 19 sites around the state. The full weather detection system is expected to have 125 sensor sites when completed. Hollister Clothing Store The funding target is yet to be revealed, but the report will be launched in Brussels in June, ahead of which UN agency heads will be travelling to various donor countries around the world to directly lobby for support. c Ray Ban Glasses
To mark the occasion staff at the admirably swanky hotel compiled a list of statistics from the first year of trading. Ray Ban Outlet It packs in some truly gory historical exhibits in a dingy underground setting. This included a range of horrendous looking devices once used to torture the prison鈥檚 unfortunate inmates. More interactive elements wouldn鈥檛 go amiss, but anyone taking the time to dwell and read the history on offer will find it fascinating.

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