Last year I read Melissa’s post about doing a Halloween Boo and I thought hey, what a great idea! Then I promptly forgot all about it, because my brain can only contain three or four useful pieces of information at any one time and I’m usually at capacity with things like basic motor skills and remembering where in the hell that sippy cup went.

This year I was inspired to start one in our own neighborhood, and while my Boo treats were nowhere near as awesome as Melissa’s (stupid creative crafty people making us all-thumbs mouthbreathers look bad), it was a lot of fun to put them together.

The Boo supplies. I mostly filled the bags with candy, and a few other Halloween-themed items I thought kids would like.

I printed three copies each of the pages from Melissa’s site—one is the instructions and Boo ghost for the recipient, the other two are for them to pass along to the next neighbor—and tied them up before dropping those in the bags too.

Riley helped me tape up the bags, and I cut out some ghosty looking blob-things for the front. I’m not even sure what that meshlike stuff is, I found it in a kitchen drawer. Cheesecloth?

The finished bags, with printed Boo signs. Also, a shitload of Scotch tape.

Riley, ready to Boo. JB and Riley crept out under cover of darkness (easy, since it’s now pitch black at, what, 6 PM?) and dropped off the bags at two houses where we know they have kids. JB wasn’t too thrilled about the knock-and-run technique, but they pulled it off. Now to see if the ghost signs start going up, or if our neighbors are a bunch of Halloween grinches.

If you want to start one of your own, it’s not too late! Super easy to do, lots of fun, potential for spreading joy and happiness throughout the land.


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9 years ago

Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

We need more insights like this in this thread.

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