JB has accused me of being the sort of person who holds grudges, but much like the many other things he has been wrong about which I have never forgotten ever, he’s way off base on this one. I’m sure eventually I will forgive him for interrupting the one single morning of sleeping in available to me out of, well, my ENTIRE LIFE, practically, by coming in on Sunday and announcing that his parents were packing up so I’d better get dressed and come out and say goodbye, and when I did get up—at 7:30 AM, mind you—his father blared “Well good MORNING, Princess!’ from where he was stationed on the couch and JB’s mother tittered appreciatively because ha ha ha get it, I’m a lazy WHORE, one who cooked and cleaned and did about fifty trillion loads of dishes by myself while they were visiting, thank you very much, and then they didn’t leave for like an hour and a half and instead of enjoying my one chance at relaxing in bed I was picking up the kitchen because god forbid any adult in my house be capable of putting their goddamned coffee cup in the sink. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be rolling that little situation around in my head like a Caramel of Resentment for months on end, or anything. Or, you know, spending the next several years researching undetectable toxins which can be applied to a coffee cup handle and absorbed through the skin as part of my master plan to eventually exact my revenge long past the point when I would be a immediate suspect.

Grudge-holder. I am SO sure.

Other than what shall be forever known as JB’s Grievous Error, it was a fine weekend at our house. The children were thrilled to have their grandparents around and I was thrilled that their grandparents seem to have inexhaustible resources when it comes to reading books and putting puzzles together. Dylan is particularly besotted with those Priddy picture books which are nothing but carefully photo-masked images of objects on various blank backgrounds and I am here to tell you that the millionth “reading” of My Big Animal Book is enough to drive a person right out of their aching skull. Go ahead and call me Princess all you want—as long as you’re on tap for Priddy duty, I can take it.

I did my long run on Saturday, just under 13 miles. When I first committed to this half marathon I couldn’t begin to imagine running that far, and it’s still kind of hard to believe I can run it now. These past few months of training have been amazing in a lot of ways. It’s been hard physically; it’s been much, much harder mentally, and I’ve grown so much stronger as a result. My legs, sure, but more importantly, in my head and heart. My first reaction to considering a half marathon was a loud and clamoring I CAN’T; I feel like I’ve taken aim and blown that shit away. Pow. And now I know, like really know deep down in my bones, that it’s in me to push through, to keep going when things are hard, to not give up.

Goddamn, I like that feeling.



Lastly, and I know this is all over the place today, but can I just tell you what you can do with Google Image, a printer, and an old photo frame?


You can completely blow your kid’s ever-loving mind, that’s what.


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14 years ago

On a unrelated note… saw that you can’t get into LOST. Start from season 1. That is the only way to enjoy it. My husband and I are BSG fans and think LOST is at the same category. Start from the beginning, you won’t regret it.

14 years ago

OMG. You look great!

Katie @ Can't Get There From Here

That last bit is a pretty kick-ass feeling, too, isn’t it? :)

Good on you for the running! I started the Couch-to-5K program in August and I run my first 5k in two weeks! I can’t believe it – I couldn’t run for 30 seconds in a row when I started!

14 years ago

As a fellow grudge holder, hey! I like those sneakers!

14 years ago

I believe I am also known as my husband’s “grievous error” from well-meaning but clueless in-laws who truly believe their son/grandson is the golden boy and I’m the “lucky girl” who landed him. I like to think the luck was a little big mutual (I mean, I’m not a total disaster!) but there’s no reasoning with Their Kind. It’s kind of nice to know I’m not the only one unfairly unappreciated by the in-laws…

14 years ago

talk to me about that tool belt you’re wearing there. where did you get it? is it bulky and annoying? it looks awesome but i fear it would be bulky and annoying.

and i love your blog!

14 years ago

Taking Notes: “undetectable toxins which can be applied to a coffee cup handle and absorbed through the skin”

Not that I’m out of ideas…but that was notable!

14 years ago

You know what Irish Alzheimer’s is, right?

You forget everything but the grudges.

Grudge-holding has been passed down from mother to daughter in my family, in an unbroken lineage of resentment and repression. If you ask us what’s wrong, you’re likely to get a tight-lipped “Nothing! I’m FINE.” But rest assured, we never, ever, ever forget.

14 years ago

Ugh, couldn’t you just scream at your in-laws sometimes? Mine make the same kind of comments and it drives me up the wall. Now I’m just “too busy” to be around them when they visit!

Question: how did you get started with your running routine? Did you start with a mile here and there or did you get some actual professional training? I’ve always wanted to run but I feel like I don’t do it properly; I go too fast and then get tired out quickly.

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