JB read my post yesterday and was like, hey, I didn’t know it meant that much to you to go to BlogHer, let me work some mysterious mojo with my airline miles oh here is a free flight to NYC. And I was like, um, now I am really super embarrassed about publicly whimpering and boy I wish we could have discussed that whole secret mileage rabbit-in-the-hat action a while ago instead of me feeling bummed and coming thisclose to selling my conference pass and not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything but is it really only obvious what is meaningful to me when it makes it to my website? But nevermind, who cares, because THANK YOU, MIRACLE ACHIEVED. BlogHer is a go, and I am beyond thrilled about this.

Also, I checked the school website this morning and grades are posted and can I get a WHUT WHUT, I aced my goddamn nutrition class.


This class was teeming with biochemistry, he slammed us with a weekly quiz, I had to give a presentation in front of the class using a slide deck and everything, and you guys, it was not easy. Seeing that A makes me feel . . . I don’t even know. It makes me feel happy and proud and like I can do this school thing even if it takes fifty more years.

MAN. Is this Hump Day? Because I feel like I am getting DRILLED with GOOD NEWS.


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Shin Ae
13 years ago

YES! YES! YES! GO, Linda!

13 years ago

WHUT WHUT indeed. A’s are the best! Have fun in NYC.

13 years ago