Boy have the weekdays been dragging lately, and the peekaboo now-it’s-hot-now-you-need-a-fleece cloud cover hasn’t helped. I sort of feel like I’ve run out of energy for Creative Daytime Activities, so mostly the kids are tear-assing around in the front yard riding bikes and flinging rocks (“STOP THROWING ROCKS!”) while I collapse into a lawn chair and peer at them over my laptop, which slowly pan-roasts my thighs to a crisp. This is not quite how I pictured the last gasp of our summer playing out—in fact, I had some very specific ideas about daily nature hikes and all sorts of teachable-moment-laden field trips—but . . . ah, I don’t know. They like the front yard.

There’s some nature out there and stuff. Yesterday they saw a bug.

Those of you with kids, what do you guys do during the summer? Are you doing super awesome memorable shit every single day, or are some days filled with cartoons and front-yard bugs?


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12 years ago

I really believe kids need us to give them space to play and imagine and create on their own. Our big events are libraries and swimming pools thrown into daily doses of playgrounds, the front yard, and leaving them to their own devices in the rec room. (OH, don’t worry, there’s plenty of TV too).

Now my kids do fight with each other like crazy so I’m totally ready for summer to be over, but I don’t think I’d necessarily do it any differently.