I have a question for you: have you ever deliberately given up on a dream? Like, have you ever decided that it would be healthier/less frustrating/whatever to conclude that a particular dream is not worth pursuing, for whatever reason, and deliberately shelved it altogether? Or do you think it’s better to keep hope alive and continue to chase your dream down when you can, no matter how remote the outcome may be?

(There is context for why I’m thinking about this topic, of course, but I’d rather hear your thoughts on the subject in general instead of describing the specific issue or asking for advice.)


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Jay-z and 50 Cent have venture out, they are Entrepreneurs..Their not hosting a show that’s barely hanging on…Bow wow is just not that popular anymore point blank period..

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I like savings buckets. I think one of the things that often comes back to bite us in the ass is that we assume we can keep track of everything in our heads. There are just too many different bills and expenses to make it feasible. It’s much easier to just create different buckets to keep everything organized.

7 years ago

what I wanted to about all this, well, let’s just say the page would be bleeding and I’d be playing into the hands of those on the other end of the political spectrum who claim all of us who are libertarian or conservative in our politics are all raving loonies.

7 years ago

Arkansas October 16, 2012 Nic Horton Leave a Comment Readers of this blog are familiar with the waste of millions of taxpayer dollars at Governor Mike Beebe’s Solyndra, LM Wind Power. The cronyism, mismanagement, and lack of