As promised, I’m here to let you know that my Stories from the Bright Side video is live and if you want to see me wearing, like, an inch-thick layer of makeup while telling a disgusting story about hotdogs, I’m currently the second blogger in this reel, listed amusingly as The Sundry Morning. Or you can watch it here:

Well! I … yeah. I’d sure like to go back in time and re-think that sweater. Also that line at the beginning, “Luckily I have a team of improv actors…” was the only scripted part and I can’t tell you how many times I said it all messed up. “Shuckily, I … fuck. Luckily I have a feam … shit.” Etc.

I sort of wish they’d picked one of the other bits, because there was this whole thing where the improv folks riffed off the fact that I said something about my “intimate relationship with hotdogs” (OMG, SELF) and there was a skit with a guy pretending to be on a date when his smothering ex the hotdog calls, and it was kind of really inappropriately hilarious and maybe the inevitable R-rating is why they went with something else?

Anyway. Happy Family paid me to come out and do the video and it’s part of my contract to publish it for you. They didn’t ask me to talk about their products, but they did send me a little gift box as a thank you, and no kidding, their stuff is really good. If I were still in the business of feeding babies, I’d have been all over their meal pouches and snacks. They also have these pouches for non-baby humans called Happy Squeezes (heh), and let me tell you, they’re downright amazing in a smoothie. I don’t know if that’s an officially recommended eating option, but thumbs up from your pal The Sundry Morning.

My thanks to Happy Family for the fun/terrifying experience. They’re running a contest as part of the campaign with a $20K prize, so check it out and submit your own super-awkward video!

Remember the video shoot I did for Happy Family back in March? The campaign finally launched (I assume the delay was related to the many hours of post-processing required to edit my section of the video, which probably included 90 minutes of me braying nervous laughter while staring at the camera deer-in-headlights-style) (Did I tell you how they actually brought an improv actor over to the camera at one point so I’d have someone to look at, and thus hopefully dial back on the palpable awkwardness?) (Ha ha ha ha OH GOD), and you can visit their Stories From the Bright Side Facebook page to check out what they’ve posted so far.

I am contractually required to inform you when my own video is posted, so it is with great reluctance that I tell you I’ll be back to link to my specific moment on film. It’s is every bit as cringe-worthy as I dreaded (you know that horrible moment when you’re confronted with the sound of your own voice? Like that, but SO MUCH WORSE) so tune in next week for my personal shaming.

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