It’s been the sort of warm day that you could mistake for late summer here in Eugene except for the reawakened front yards which are riotously mid-bloom, impossibly green, crackling with promise after winter’s long soggy Ctrl+Alt+Del; Dylan lost a front tooth last night and his infectious dimpled grin has a gappy, goofy new charm; I have greatly reduced the amount of time I spend online and while I miss interacting with people, I’m finding it to be a less distracting, more peaceful way to live; the new AWOLNATION album is just as awesome as I’d hoped it would be; I started helping out in the kids’ school again; we went for a family hike in the woods yesterday, everyone strolling along in a good mood, joking back and forth, stopping to admire trees and bugs, and it was such a small thing … but also, you know, everything.


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