Remember Tiny Cat? She looked like this a week ago:

not so tiny

I thought she seemed pretty uncomfortable (girrrrrl, I feel you), which makes sense because this is what happened last Friday:

brand new mama

little ones

It’s been pretty amazing to watch her take care of business:

birth zone

milk bar

love the paw squish

Hollywood slim-down secrets: how Tiny Cat got that post-baby body!

well-kitten checkup

One kitten was much smaller and more fragile than the others. I was hopeful when I saw him battling his way through his bigger siblings to latch on … but I found him this morning, slipped away to the great cat beyond. Poor little guy.

Still, there are five thriving furballs to care for, and TC’s doing an amazing job. Man, we humans think we have it rough with newborns — at least we don’t have to lick their buttholes clean.



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