There has been a lot of flip-flopping about masks and whether we should be wearing them in public or not, but it seems the CDC has settled on a recommendation to do so. I realize it is borderline criminal to complain about a precautionary measure during an actual pandemic, but I will say that my heart sank when I read that, because it just makes everything even more real/depressing/confusing. Wear a mask but there are no masks to be found and we’re all up shit creek right now so here’s a PDF for making your own poorly-constructed paddle also do NOT touch your mask after going out so good luck with that maybe try taking it off with tongs?

I know there are so many people working so hard to get us through this but there is certainly an overpowering feeling of being on our own, isn’t there?

The kids started their first day of school-run online learning today and I can’t yet report on how that’s been going because they each sequestered themselves in their bedrooms out of full-bodied paranoia that a parent would interrupt their Zoom broadcast. Well well well, how the tides have turned. I’m sorry, son, were you trying to concentrate on a video call? BUT I JUST HAVE THIS ONE VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION TO ASK RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

Three things that have been cheering lately:

Re-discovering geocaching. Dylan got hooked on geocaching during a recent stay with John’s parents and we’ve really been enjoying taking him out on searches during the last week or so. He’s logged more than 50 finds now, and it’s just so great to see his excitement each time.

Playing Jackbox games. After dinner each evening the four of us sit down for a game of Fibbage and Quiplash, which we view via the Apple TV while playing on our phones. It’s ridiculous and raucous and never fails to provoke laughter and shit-talking.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It has become enormously difficult to agree on a family movie, but we all re-watched this last night and it was just such great medicine. None of us chose this skux life, but we’re making do.


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4 years ago

Kia ora from New Zealand, home of the wilderpeople :) We are in complete lockdown here, but I kind of feel like our government have got this totally under control. But that is because our Prime Minister really is skux deluxe :)

4 years ago

Having to wear masks when going out is terrible because I already have to wear a mask at work all day, so I was counting on not having to wear a mask when I was not at work. So I am basically committing to not leaving my house when I am not at work. My dogs are HUGE fans of this plan!