August 16, 2007

When I was around 18 or so I worked at a movie theater in downtown Portland—the Broadway theater, for those who might live in the area. Its fishbowl-like ticket selling stand and central location made for some great people watching, although unfortunately many out-of-towners did tend to treat it like an general information stand for the city (Helpful Tip: surly minimum wage earning teenagers forced to wear clip-on polyester bow ties are not your best bet for getting accurate directions on locating your tourist destination of choice).

During my stint as cashier/popcorn hawker/inventory counter-wronger (I remember being continually assigned to count the inventory in the stock room, which involved, among other things, visually tallying the number of paper cups in a giant stack—I’d get about two feet up and blink, then have to start over. And over. And over. Don’t even get me started on the giant case boxes of Twizzlers and the impossibility of accurately counting those motherfuckers), I saw a number of quasi-celebrities at the theater, including Willem Dafoe (in town, I think, to film the oh-so-unwatchable Body of Evidence), who is even shorter than you might guess; Lori Petty; Ed “Pale Eyebrows” Begley Jr; and most exciting of all (hey, it was the 90’s), Keanu Reeves, who I sold a ticket to and observed the social phenomenon of a crowd of people suddenly recognizing a movie star in their midst—it was freaky, like a pile of metal shavings being exposed to a magnet.

Since then, I once met Patrick Warburton outside his beautiful ranch house on the Rogue River, I saw Sinbad come by my company’s booth at a streaming media tradeshow, and last year at Macworld I saw Robin Williams.

I think that’s it, as far as my personal brushes with fame. I’m telling you these boring anecdotes in hopes that you’ll share your own celebrity encounters, for no particular reason other than I have the feeling some of you will have some interesting stories. Dish!


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